Block Stacker Plugin (Compatiable with ASkyblock)

Discussion in 'Plugin Requests' started by MrBobblyBooks, Oct 31, 2019.

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    Minecraft version: 1.8 Spigot

    Suggested name: BlockStacker

    What I want: It would be received from a command (for example, /blockstacker give MrBobblyBooks 1) and would appear as an Iron Block in your hotbar. Then, once placed, the player would be able to place emerald or diamond blocks on the block and it would become either a Diamond or Emerald block with a hologram displaying x1 Diamond/Emerald. Then a player would be able to stack that same item on until it was a full stack of 10,000 but it would have to grant island levels as it would normally, not just counting as 1 block of level. Then it could be picked up by shift-mining with a pickaxe, and it would give the full stack or by normal mining, it would give one block each time. Admins should be able to break and place them on peoples islands, and island members should all be allowed to modify the stacks but public players shouldnt be able to modify other peoples stacked blocks. A command to give an already stacked block would also be nice but not neccessary, eg/ /blockstacker give MrBobblyBooks 1 Emerald 1500 would give a stacked emerald block with 1500 blocks in it. It would need a hologram that says the amount of stacked blocks in it which would be removed when the stacker is removed, (the previous plugin had some issues with the removal of holograms so we stopped using it)

    Ideas for commands: /blockstacker give {player} 1 {amount stacked}

    Ideas for permissions: blockstacker.give,, blockstacker.break

    When I'd like it by: Ideally, today, but any time suits
Thread Status:
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