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    BlockLoginSpam (by bots)

    Hi, i have a problem with Spam Bots login with different names and use of Proxy to change IP.
    I use a feew plugins that prevent chat spamming:
    • SpamGuard
    • F'inSpamBots - Realy recomended
    So i need to stop the login spam, how?
    - Time need to wait before it can show the login message again, 1 or more secounds.

    If it's posible to make a configuration file for how many secounds after login it would be great.
    If it's posible to add permission for not beeing tracked it would be great.
    I am also using CountryLoginMessage is it possible it will hock into that to?

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    Its called nopwnage and stab.
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    ohh, thanks.
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    Im working on making a plugin that brings these two things into one plugin.
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    Ohh, Thank you so mutch!

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