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Discussion in 'Bukkit Discussion' started by NeoGriim, May 7, 2011.

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    Hello Bukkit!
    I created a new world not too long ago on my server because I wanted to start a new with some new additions on the server (towns and such). I used a seed that one of the members on my server gave to me and it's a nice world now, developing well. However, one of the members on my server wants to build a town in a snow biome, I thought it'd look pretty cool with snow on roofs and such. So, I decided to go on a search for a biome editor plugin, something like world edit where instead of just coating the world with snow within say, 100 feet, I would be able to actually create a tundra biome within 100 ft of where I was standing. However, WorldEdit doesn't do this (as far as I know) if I coat the ground with snow it just rains when weather pops up making the snow covered ground just look... out of place.

    So I was wondering, is there any way to change biomes with a plugin or something? Maybe I'm missing something with worldedit or perhaps it was as simple as waiting a bit for the snow to create a tundra biome of it's own with the weather changing on it's own?

    I guess I don't need a full biome management. I guess I'm really looking for a plugin that just permanently changes the weather in a certain area.

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    Yea i asked Cogito about that one too , unfortunately its not possible that easy. seems like biomes is always generated by the SEED, does not matter what if you change snow to grass. it still snows. however, you can stop the snow growing somehow, but not the animation cause thats done client-side. unfortunately...
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