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    Plugin category: Roleplay

    Minecraft version: 1.12

    Suggested name: BetterDoorClaims

    What I want: Hello, I'll try to keep this nice and clean.

    GENERAL USE - I want claim door plugin which you can type with a command instead of using a sign. I'd want where you go up to a door and then type /claimdoor it'd claimdoor the door, and then put a hologram above the door with the players username. Also I'd like where you can add people to the door, these users won't be listed above the hologram, and the command will be /addtrusted username Once they loggout it auto unclaims the door making where other users can claim the door, and removes the hologram. You can only claim a door once, and to unown it you have to relog. Also add /doorblacklist so no one can claim that door, thanks.

    SHOP USE - These will be all in one plugin, just this is to separate. I'd like anyone with the permission admin.dooradd will be able to add someone to a door permanently, and if doing so will give them admin access to the door. What admin access does is where the person added to that door will be able to do /dooradd username and it'd add a user to the door who can open it, permanently, and /doorremove to remove a user from the door, also like a /doorremoveall to remove all users from the door. If you were to type /doorlist it'd list all the users to the door in a format of -- Admin - Username the holograms do not go on these doors.
    User - Username

    When you try opening a claimed door, it'd say [You'd try to open the door, but the door seems to be locked.]
    When you try claiming a claimed door, it'd say [This door is already claimed]
    When you add a trusted user to a door. [You added username to the door] (Also alerting the user saying) [Username has added you to their door]

    Ideas for commands: /claimdoor | /addtrusted | /dooradd | /doorremove | /doorremoveall | /doorlist | /doorblacklist

    Ideas for permissions: admin.dooradd | admin.doorbypass

    When I'd like it by: Within this month please.

    If you have any questions I'll answer them the best I can.
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    Would all door claims be permanent, or would you lose the door once you logout?
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    It'd be all temp, let me explain the first bit general use is all temp, and once apon loggout it'd remove the player from the door making a new slot for someone to claim it.
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    Alright, follow up question;
    Does this mean that you'd like anyone that is added to the door using the command that has the permission node "admin.dooradd", to have admin permissions on the door? Or is the "admin.dooradd", permission the permission for /dooradd
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    admin.dooradd will add an a user to the door with admin privileges and permanently added unless removed from the door from a higher up. [Staff] And with admin privileges you can add people to the door permanently but they can open the door, and list users on the door.
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    I've edited it to a different version.
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