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Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by UltiFix, Mar 8, 2013.

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    Whats the best warp plugin.... right now I use essentials but it doesn't give me very many features.... and it would be nice if it has a tp suit in it... what I really want the plugin to have: 1. can convert essentials warps to the other plugins warps, 2. I don't want it to say the plugin name whenever you use the warp feature.... like with essentials it doesn't say [esssentials] when you warp it just says you warped. 3. can use pex permissions.
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    You basically just described Essentials /warp commands.

    What specifics do you need to be different?
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    lol good point... stupid me :) with essentials the private warp system doesnt seem to work well and it doesnt have very many options like, allowing people to warp to all warps exept private ones, and like i said i wanted to be able to have tp combined with it so i can do tpblock essentials doesnt have that. and it needs to be able to combine with warp signs. or have it have warpsigns built into it and it would be nice if i could use a button or pressure plate as a warp thing so when you push the button or walk on it and u have the right node you will warp to whatever i set it to. thnx
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    1. already exists, per-warp-permissons.
    2. /tpblock to what? how will you do a tpblock command as a user against another user on a server owned warp?
    3. essentials [warp] signs, or use a command block.
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    Super User

    Wrong section, refer to 'Plugin Requests'.
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    I would like to have a tp plugin combinded with it if possible.. sorry that's what I meant. and the private warp does not work for me.
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    what do you mean a tp plugin combined with it?
    also, what doesnt work with warp?
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    like a teleport plugin and a warp plugin combined into one. and I just said what doesn't work.
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    you just said "it doesnt seem to work well", then you list features you want.
    also, i still dont understand what do you mean by teleport and warp combined, can you describe what actions you want to happen?
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    essentials /warp is very good with [Warp] signs
    /home for Privet warps
    /tp (admins) /tpa /tpdeny /tpaccept all work very well in this too.
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    alright sorry let me try clarifying here :)
    id like the home the warps warps private and they don't work in the essentials for me... (the private warps) and tp tpa tpdeny tpaccept and tpblock block tp teleports I kow this is possible because I have seen it on other servers....
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    did you enable per-warp-permissions?
    also, you are thinking of /tptoggle.
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    Not true. He's asking what plugins people like/recommend. He's not asking for one to be created.

    @ mboy289 I personally use warptastic and I really like it, although I don't know if it has all the features you want, as I don't really understand your description.
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    o ok thnx

    kk thnx

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