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Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by VanillaSnack, Sep 14, 2014.

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    hi there,

    At the moment I am using PEX but it is not working (last thread) since normal players have no access to commands. So I would be glad if you guys can help me out. are there better Permission Plugins ?
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    Many use GroupManager but I couldn't get that working without throwing everything out of line.
    Currently using PermissionsBukkit (very basic permissions plugin).
    Thinking of switching to BPermissions.
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    Well I am working with MC 1.4.7 (TekkitLite) so BukkitForge....

    Well I tried out bPerms now... bPerms is shown red in Plugin List... it is not creating all stuff I need so I need a better one
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    Group manager ftw
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    Is there a Plugin for that :D ? or is it this one what comes with Essentials ?
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    So I got Group Manager...

    but I dont want like bukkit_default and essentials_default etc. I just want ONE group in which I put every permission...

    Also I like to have chat/name like this: on Mineplex
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    Eh...If you cannot get PEX to load your .yml file correctly, I seriously doubt switching to a different plugin will make things magically work better.

    If you need an example of how to setup a permission file with correct formatting, take a look at my tutorial.
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