Problem/Bug [] Before prefix in the chat.

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by Fhlazer, Jun 9, 2019.

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    Hello. I have for a long time had this problem:
    There is for some reason [] before the prefix in chat, and I have no idea why.
    I use essentials chat formatting currently, and the group-formatting looks like this

    Member: '&8Member &8 {DISPLAYNAME}:&7 {MESSAGE}'
    Monk: '&1&l(&9Monk&1&l) &3{DISPLAYNAME}:&f {MESSAGE}'
    Abbot: '&a&o{{&6&oAbbot&a&o}} &a&o{DISPLAYNAME}&2&o: {MESSAGE}'
    Regent: '&6&l[&4&l&nRegent&6&l] &6&l{DISPLAYNAME}&c: {MESSAGE}'
    Admin: '&6&l*&5Admin&6&l* &4{DISPLAYNAME}&6&o: {MESSAGE}'
    Chief: '&c&l**&e&n&lChief Admin&c&l** &c&o{DISPLAYNAME}&4&l: {MESSAGE}'
    Owner: '&6&l&kii&6&lI-&b&lOwner&6&l-I&6&l&kii &9&l{DISPLAYNAME}&b: {MESSAGE}'
    I use group-manager, all my groups have no prefix, and no postfix. I have tried to set prefix in groupmanager, but the [] is NOT because of missing prefix in groupmanager. All my plugins:
    Help much appreciated, thanks in advance!
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    @Fhlazer I think it's Multiverse doing that, if that's the case then you can turn it off in the config.
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