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Discussion in 'General Help' started by Martian11, Jun 15, 2017.

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    So I've been trying to make a bedwars server that uses bungeecord. I have 1 server dedicated to a bedwars lobby and another server dedicated to the bedwars hub. (I am using bedwars reloaded btw) I have a few errors. First: When a game ends on the server with a bedwars lobby, it takes the players back to the hub. That is ok, however, I can't make it so the hub server can join bedwars lobbies. For example, for bedwars reloaded, you can to place a sign that says [bw] (arena name) and click the sign to join a game, but that only works if the hub and the lobby are in one server. Since the hub and bedwars lobby are seperate servers, the sign won't direct you to the lobby server. How do I make it so when i click the sign to join a lobby in the hub server, it takes me to the lobby?
    second problem: My second problem is whenever a game ends on my lobby server, the server just stops and says this:
    [16:25:24 INFO]: Startup script './' does not exist! Stopping server.
    [16:25:24 INFO]: Stopping server
    >Press any key to continue . . .
    Now I believe ./ is a script that restarts the server after it stops? I'm probably wrong. Anyway all im asking is how do I make it so when the bedwars game in the lobby server ends, how do i make it so it automatically resets the server like in hypixel bedwars. Hypixel bedwars has it so when a bedwars game ends, the server resets and all of the blocks placed by players disappear. Please help.
    Thanks for reading! <3
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