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Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by kept, Aug 23, 2012.

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    Can some one please suggest some good and simple solution, to make a list of bans on my homepage? I need the really simplest method for list - Banned nick, reason, ban lenght, admin who banned.

    I'v found UltraBans, but how I see in the latest comments, there is error and that plugin is pretty large..

    Can someone please suggest anything?
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    I couldn't see any PHP5-features in the webfrontent files, so you should try to use it anyways (I think you mean, that you don't have PHP5, but maybe PHP4, or don't you have any PHP? Then it's difficult)
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    Here you can see about the php 5 requirement. This would be that what I was looking for, but unfortunately my hosting doesnt support php 5 :(

    oops, forgot to add the link:
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    You can use UltraBans it has mysql compatibility but the ban tables are very non-understandable..
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    I already saw the UltraBans, and as I did a research in comments and as I understood, that plugins takes too much memory and there is too many errors.
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    Actually UltraBans does the same as Ban Management... they store/load bans in/from MySQL, which allows you to use the data anywhere else, for example with PHP on a website
    => You can make your own application (php script) for it, actually you could use Ban-Management's web frontend with UltraBans
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    And should I ignore those negative comments about the Ultra bans? And is this really, the simplest method, to make a ban list? Cause, that plugins offers, many commands, which I dont need, like mute, kick, jail etc...
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    As I said before, it doesn't make all the difference, whether you use UltraBans or Ban Management, they both store the data in a MySQL database, but as here are negative comments on UltraBans you could decide to use Ban-Management.
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