Ban crafting of item based on item id

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    I use worldguard to ban various items, but the problem I'm having is that I want to only ban the RECIPE for an item. Worldguard seems to ban the recipe AND being able to pick it up. I have set the item to be available through mob drops and don't want people to be able to craft it.

    The other problem is, I'm using Tekkit (a popular mod of minecraft). The item which I want to ban is a modded item, so many plugins (like banrecipe) won't actually ban its recipe. If I'm wrong on that, I'd love to be shown how to actually ban the recipe using it.

    Thank you.
  2. Use PEX's ModifyWorld. If that doesn't work, it's because you are using Tekkit. Ask a Tekkit dev :)

    I am also adding this to the FRP :)

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