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    Avatar: the last air bender Plugin
    When a player joins the server he/she can type a command (maybe /tribes) to display the four tribes in Avatar.
    They can join a tribe by typing in /tribejoin [insert element].
    The four tribes being Fire, water, earth, and air.
    once joining a tribe the player then gets that tribes special bending capabilities.
    Only one tribe per person. (maybe the administrator of server gets to be the avatar? [gets all abilities] (configurable)
    (this idea was based very heavily on [FUN/RPG] Praecantatio v1.2 - A magic plugin based on Incantatio - now with permissions! [1000] So some credit goes to Omnicrash.)
    please read the above link to better understand the following.

    Just ideas,
    wall of dirt or stone will apear in front of them for a configurable time ( say 30sec or a minute default)
    dig dirt, gravel, clay, stone, obsidian, minerals, and anything I missed 25% faster
    Ability to incase (entomb) enemy in stone or obsidian for a certain amount of time.
    Any Idea's?

    flight/hover? But slow, I'm sick of all of the ridiculously fast flight mods
    launch enemies into the air
    launch themselves into the air?
    Air could also push people within a radius away from them.
    Need more ideas.

    can start and end fires
    shoot fireballs (not that destroy bricks only hurt players)(might start fires on higher strength?)
    Shoot fire at sand will make glass
    shoot cobble stone makes stone?
    Fire damage reduced, can walk on lava without dying.
    Melt command (melts snow and ice in area around them)
    Any Ideas?

    (kinda unfiar these guy's get a lot at this point because I can think of ideas.)
    Ice Bubble for a certain amount of time
    wall of ice or water
    faster "swimming" speed
    can place and remove water source blocks
    can put out fires
    Aqua breath for limited time or longer underwater breathing time( doubled?)
    Freeze and melt commands
    Healing themselves or others (based on show)
    Any ideas?
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    I already started work on one of these called "The Circle" though it has a few more things...
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    Is it based on the avatar series or just separate schools of magic?

    If not, can I configure it to fit the avatar theme?

    And what other things did you add?
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    Looking forward to that.
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    "The Circle" is close to what i'm looking for... but it seems over powerd and at the same time limited with what you can do....
    I also want the tribes.... And i want it to run more like the plugin i linked to.
    but thanks for suggesting it.
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    factions/towney + heroes (or circle or any other mmo plugin) + add in spells as needed (with permissions)
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    I welcome comments/criticisms on it - it's still very much a WIP and if you wanted to help me shape it I'd love that!
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    This would be great, but instead of the Administrator being the Avatar, why not let the plugin choose it Randomly? Therefor everyone has a chance to have power :p I guess the way of how the Avatarness is removed could be worked out by the Developer and you.
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    Glad to here that you'll take friendly criticism. My thoughts on the circle were that each group has very few spells, and those they do have are huge advantages over the others... Could you incorporate some of the spells I suggested? + a config to enable and disable individual spells? I have no programming experience but I'd love to help shape "the circle!" if you like my ideas.
    I really like this idea... (If we still keep an Avatar) We could make it cycle through the four elements like in the series.
    Say you are the avatar... you get killed in pvp or any other way for that matter, you get re-spawned and you lose it. go back to what you were and the power is given to someone else randomly until they die. The avatar could even get 2 or 3 lives before losing his abilities.
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    yes! great idea :)
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    That is randomly within the next cycle group.
    though this may be hard to code. I'm not sure.
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    anyone else have thoughts?
    (I really don't want this getting buried)

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