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    What's AutoSoup? - AutoSoup is a hack that depends on a plugin that lets soup heal hearts instead of saturation, this is a popular form of PVP but hackers tend to ruin it..​
    How AutoSoup Works - During this video someone shows you how to code it and near the end shows it in action, basically what it does it automatically eats the soup (which heals 3.5 hearts) when you fall below 3.5 hearts, when the hotbar is full of bowls it will replace the bowl in slot number 2 with a soup, then places the bowl in a random part of the inventory and stacks the next autosouped bowls in said stack.​
    How to stop it? - I'm sure you could do something like test if the hotbar is out of bowls but the 2nd slot is still being replaced with a soup or something..? I'm not quite sure as I don't know much coding-wise..​
    Main Idea - When a player may be using autosoup it alerts all players online with the permission autosoup.alert or something (permission given to staff) with a message like "<playername> may be using autosoup!" and if the player is continuously using it instead of spamming chat have it send a message every 5 warnings or so and have it say the amount at the end of the warning like "x5" "x10" etc.​
    Permissions - autosoup.alert | autosoup.bypass (i dont know why you would want to bypass autosoup but why not)​
    Commands - /autosoup alert <on/off> - Toggle alerts on or off.​
    Thank you for reading this and I hope someone can find out how to do this and is willing to spend their time on it!
    If there is any information on here that you think I should add leave a reply and I will edit the post for you!
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