AutoPlate - Create File Structures and Fetch BUKKIT API

Discussion in 'Resources' started by RightLegRed, Feb 1, 2011.

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    Welcome to AutoPlate. I created this tool to automatically create a plugin folder system for you. Currently, it only works for eclipse.

    Features -
    • Create file structure
    • Download bukkit API
    • Update bukkit API
    Planned Features -
    • Download API updates as they happen
    • Notify of updates to the API
    • Template types - (Command Base, Block Based, ect.)
    • GitHub - Create repo
    • Change filepath of downloaded Bukkit API file.
    To use, just run the exe. Enter the credentials and it'll generate a file structure for you. You can check for an update to the bukkit api, or youcan use the one packaged with this. It's recommended you check everytime and update often.

    Update only affects file structures made by AutoPlate. Don't move the exe after you've made a file structure with it, otherwise the plugin won't be updated by the exe.

    Please note, removing the "AutoPlate.rar" doesn't lead you to the source. It's just where I'm uploading it to currently.
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    When will you do a netbeans version?
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    url is 404
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    mitchell is right, page is not available.

    (On a side note, I just came from, and one of the "Realized" posts is "Those were the droids I was looking for". Then I come to these forums 5 minutes later, click your thread and link, and get that image, and "This is not the page your looking for". WHAT ARE THE ODDS OF THIS HAPPENING?
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    i did a search for it on github fir AutoPlate and i got a .txt but it also 404'ed
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