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Would this be a good plugin?

  1. Yes, I would definitally use this.

  2. I think its a good Idea but my server isn't made for stuff like that.

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  3. No, I think people have to make their own mines.

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    Hello guys, Its the first time I'm actually making a post on but I've been looking for a plugin like this but haven't found it. So here it is:
    Plugin category: Worldediting and Management

    Suggested name: AutoMineGenerator (long name, I know)

    What I want: So I would like to be able to select a region with a tool, (like worldedit)
    Then type a certain command, Which would generate a public mine.

    The Public mine would auto generate ores into it, Of course it would get empty sooner or later, So there would have to be a time that resets everything RANDOM because people would know Where the good ores are.

    Ideas for commands: /amg generate

    Ideas for permissions: amg.canmine, amg.cancreate , etc...

    When I'd like it by: Well it doesn't really matter, But I don't want you to be working on it for 1 year :p

    Well I hope all the good coders out there consider making this plugin, if you find any similair plugins please put a link down.

    Thanks in advance.
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    Did you put effort into searching?
    Click "Get Plugins" above and search for "mine". It's somewhere in the three pages.

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