Auto-Updater Library! Check versions, give reasons, update urgency and force updates!

Discussion in 'Resources' started by Adamki11s, Jun 13, 2011.

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    Thank you :)
    And @Adamki11s awesome...Should I remove your header and use mine? Or use both? Or only yours? :p
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    Both, yours, whatever :p
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    :D Awesome! Thanks :)
    If you wonder what I did, I took @Sleaker 's code and used that, threaded everything, removed FetchSource, and a little other stuff :p
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    Ok :)
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    Well mine's meant to be used on an asynch task since the method is already 100% thread safe. So the 'threading' is really on however someone wants to implement it.

    Adamk11's wont work with complex version numbers as he converts them all to Doubles. Mine just does simple string comparison on the version number. which should allow for more flexibility. It assumes that if the version numbers are mismatched then the person needs to updated. Whereas using doubles allows greater than release version, but generally I don't see a need for this, as it also dumps the version you have vs the version being seen.

    It also doesn't look like his version is an rss reader for linking to bukkitdev projects. It seems like his is still made to grab and parse a specific http page that you're running (please correct me if I'm wrong) - I prefer not hosting my own project downloads or version information as it creates a lot of extra work. So mine uses the RSS feed on dbo to check file names, and parse out the version text from the file name. (Your file upload names should include the version, not necessary the file itself but the download name).

    His is good if you have your own webhost, or a place you can push updated versioning information.
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    Will this work for BukkitDev..?
    Else, looks very easy and good!
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    Yeah still works :)
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    Woho! xD
    thank you.

    When I'm tryig to import the folder using netbeans to my libaries, it apears as a folder, with it's location and importing it doesn't work :/
    I'm doing something wrong, but I dont know what..

    I kinda figured it out xD
    Thank you.

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    Damn. This is nice! I will definitly be using it for my plugins.
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    How would I make it auto install as well so that it replaces the old plugin?
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