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Discussion in 'Plugin Requests' started by skylerRU, Jul 5, 2016.

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    Name: AutoChests

    What I need:
    I need a simple plugin that will fill a chest or dispensers with what ever Item I need after it has been closed. This will allow a unlimited amount of an item from a chest. example: A chest that is filled with Melons you take all the melons and close the chest when you open it again its filled with melons.

    When I need It by: preferably within the next week but its not crucial
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    If you have essentials you can do this with essentials. Not with a chest but with a sign

    Put the First and Second line just like that, And the third and forth line is Optional. I put Melon with a color on the fourth line so people know what it is.

    To get this to work you have to enable signs though essentials config and give players the permission to use the sign.

    The sign for free stuff is:
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    I might try it If I cant find anything else
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