Util Auto Downloading Plugins Through Plugins

Discussion in 'Resources' started by Gingerbreadman, Dec 22, 2014.

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    Several complaints about this:
    1. You reload the server after a given time
      • This is not how you enable the newly-downloaded plugin
      • This is not how you enable the plugin after it has been downloaded, as it may not have been downloaded
      • This also assumes that the file you are downloading is a plugin
    2. You can only ever download one plugin with the class because you only ever use one configuration flag
      • Consider tracking the files some other way
      • Consider also not using the host plugin's configuration file
    3. You just print exceptions instead of forcing the host plugin to deal with them
    4. You have a really small buffer that isn't configurable
    5. You do not get the plugins folder correctly (there is API for this)
    6. Multiple code quality concerns (naming, organization, conventions)
    And just to be fair, here's some recommendations:
    • Look at the nio packages
    • Consider using the libraries packaged with Bukkit to copy your file
    • Add support for telling the host plugin that the download succeeded or failed (or is in progress)
      • For progress, an ongoing progress (percentage) would also be helpful
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    @turt2live I had noticed all this errors, thats why I am making a remake of this util.

    Next version (I am currently working on) will have auto updating, timeouts, etc

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    Help with OP's problem.
  4. @ChipDev It helps to demonstrate that doing such a thing is redundant, and to someone who doesn't see it it helps demonstrate that boolean == false just looks silly.
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    Locked as this is also one of those Resources which the Owner doesnt want anymore...
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