Auto Ban or Kick Toggle for xRay Pack Users

Discussion in 'Archived: Plugin Requests' started by BioRage, Apr 13, 2011.

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    The Famous Command in Console

    [INFO] Name tried command: ixrai12345

    Simple plugin...


    /kick player
    /ban-ip player
    /ban player

    I'm sick of user's inflating the economy, and not playing the game fair and square, please someone make us a simple plugin.

    - I know there's a plugin that hides the ore - but some of use VPS's and can't handle high performance plugin's.

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    Bump. I'd love a plugin like this.
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    And how do you propose youd weed out Xrayers from players who simply mine effectively and/or get lucky with ore? Theres no way to catch Texture Pack users and any Xray mod dumb enough to send a command to the server is obvious.

    If there was a way for the servers to simply "know" a player is using Xray this plugin would already exist in several different forms, and the ore hiding one you mentioned would probably not exist.
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    It sends a command, which I posted into console, the purpose of the plugin is to kick or ban the person when it automatically does that command, only you can see it in terminal.

    I already said I know of that, as I listed in the OP,
    that plugin is heavy on VPS's, as I said before and again, not everyone can handle heavy plugins, especially on VPS.
    There's no need for you to re-state what I already stated, you generalizing us saying "DO WE USE THE SEARCH?!1"

    Obviously we do, why else would I be posting this?
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    then I have understood in a wrong way, sorry for that.
    It sounded like there is no anti xray.
    There is some kind of solution where you can assign a command to some action.(as far as I remember)
    I get into this and search
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    No problem!

    Just mis-communication is all that.

    Personally I would run that anti-x-ray pack, and Big Brother, but my server can't handle those two plugins, as they are to resource non-friendly.
    OT: The command is auto typed, and you can see it via console, but the user's are unaware, I think it forces the user to type that command without them noticing it.
    And let me know if you find anything on your search,



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    Start by installing this disabler :

    It's the most used xray mod so it helps
    But there is no way to completly stop them ATM, the anti xray plugin is really buggy and slow for now
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    This will probably work just fine with a near default Bukkit install but having just tried it doesn't seem to work for me, that's running MCMA along with Essentials + GroupManager. The developer of that XRay mod seems abit arrogant having read through his thread, doesn't seem like he's going to bother making much more than that basic disabler plugin.
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    Hmm, That's why when the clients automatically type out the command it sends it through the plugin which than the plugin auto kicks/bans
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    Oh my, thank you so much Tamera :D!
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    Don't thank me, thank the Bukkit team and the developer of the plug-in, I just searched for the plug-in ;)

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