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    Plugin category: Chat

    Suggested name: HelpBot

    What I want: Well, I have already seen plugins like "NoobResponse" that have bots that answer when people ask a question. But, since those things scan the chat every time someone writes something, and can also (when looking for keywords) answer when no answer is requested. Anyway, this would solve both of those problems I am currently having. You would type something like "/hc <message>" and/or a toggle command like just plain "/hc" that would enter you into the help chat. Anyway, the bot would only answer questions in the help chat, so not to lag the regular chat and only answer questions when someone asks. Also, maybe if a bot can’t answer a question, it can forward it to people who have ’subscribed’ to the chat.

    Ideas for commands: "/hc" toggle entering the help chat (or /hc <message>)
    /hc mute <player> - Not allow them to talk in the help chat if they spam or something [admin only]
    /hc watch - Toggles seeing EVERYTHING people write in the chat and the bot’s responses [maybe admin only]
    /hc subscribe - If a bot can’t answer a question, forward it to you (it appears in your chat), and you can answer with "/hca <message>"
    /hc create <question> <answer> <ID> - Tells the bot a questions and it’s answer so it can answer it. The ID is for removing it later. I.e. "/hc create how_do_I_craft_wooden_planks put_a_log_in_your_crafting craftplanks". Not case sensitive, and would save that as the ID as 'craftplanks'. [admin only]
    /hc keyword <keyword1,keyword2,keyword3,…> <answer> <ID> - Creates a keyword list with an ID, and if it finds all those keywords in a message it will display the appropriate answer. [admin only]
    /hc list <page> - Lists all the IDs. [admin only]
    /hc ID <ID> - Give info on an ID, like its question and answer. [admin only]
    /hc remove <ID> - Removes a help module thing by it’s ID. [admin only]

    Ideas for permissions: hc.admin - Use all admin commands
    hc.subscribe - Allows a user to subscribe to the help channel
    hc.basic - Everything else.

    When I'd like it by: Anytime! I know this would be a really big project and I doubt it’s going to get made at all, so I won’t be picky about time if it gets made :).

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