AuthMe - Decrypt Password?

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by XENGS, Jul 24, 2012.

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    I need to decrypt a password from an AuthMe database.
    Can anyone please do it for me or show me how to do it?
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    Wouldn't this be in Plugin Development?
    Decrypting in public is kinda like, giving away your credit number online.
    That way others can figure it out and compromise your plugin.
    Just giving you a heads up though.

    It also depends on the level of encryption that you added in there and that level of encryption depends on how you can decrypt the password.
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    You see his signature?
    @XENGS and @kezz101 are the developers of the plugin. >.>
    They are merely asking for assistance with decrypting their initial key words on the plugin, so accrual people can read it.
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    Um... Let me say it again.
    1) I'm talking about AuthMe, NOT AuthMC.
    2) It's a personal purpose. On the server I'm Co-Owner in, we have been using AuthMe for ages, and we can't change it like that. A player started attacking the server in all the ways you can imagine, and also gained my password and hacked my e-mail, my YouTube, my Facebook, my Skype, etc. I wanna do the same to him, so I need his password.
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    well, he probably uses a different password for these, so that wont work.
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    O' Right.
    Thought you meant your own plug.
    Have you tried this?,cf.osb&fp=e90d0913f918c708&biw=1366&bih=673
    Sadly I cannot offer any more help than this. :(
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    Passwords are probably hashed, meaning you can not decrypt them.

    Also, you should get a legitimate version of Minecraft and run online mode.
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    Gravity Retired Staff

    You're posting in Bukkit help about how to get revenge on someone. Bukkit will not support you trying to attack someone. If you are interested in protecting yourself better, this might be of use to you.
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