As step of authme to xauth?

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    Hello users.
    As step of xauth to authme?
    I hope your answers.
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    question mark...
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    Can i change of plugin xAuth per Authme?
    But i want change xAuth for Authme without losing data of players.
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    Oh, ok... sorry. Supposedly there is some way to do this without losing data, check on the AuthMe page, I think they have a wiki on the topic there. I'll dig around...

    EDIT: Found something

    Hope it's relevant to what you are looking for!
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    Ok thanks, i will read.
    Sorry per my english xd
    See ya.

    Edit: The latest version of AuthMe run whit Bukkit 1.1?
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    It should run fine with the latest version of bukkit, unless it usese some funky core craftbukkit function calls, it should be fine on the latest version of bukkit. I doubt this plugin would lose compatability in newer versions of craftbukkit :)
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    #1054 - Unknown column 'username' in 'field list'

    My database is diferent.
    My database is:


    The username or player, and password don't exist.
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    Sorry, but I don't have a whole deal of experience with this plugin in particular, and migrating from the plugin named 'xAuth'. I have found a version of the plugin (authMe) which is being continued by a different bukkit member at this project page:

    Sorry I couldn't be more help!
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    Ok thanks per the help.
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