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    I would like to request another arena plugin, but this one is rather different from the currently existing arena plugins, I have checked the frequently requested thread and the plugins list, but if there is something like this already, i am unaware of it.

    it starts pretty much as MobArena; the admin(s) create and set an arena.
    then, however, they set certain spawn point(s) and the amount of and which mobs spawn at each wave.
    i would personally prefer to use mostly zombies, so i could set 3 spawn points and at every spawn 3 zombies for the first wave, then, for wave 2, at one spawn 11, at another 7 and at the last one 12 zombies and a skeleton.

    the clue is that zombies (and creepers, duh!) can break blocks in the arena (change speed after each wave?) and that the participants have to either defend a castle or defend a certain place for a certain amount of waves, only to have to move to the next point.

    Like most other arena plugins i would like to be able to make classes, but also something the other don't include; a builder:
    There has to be a builder who gets x blocks (config), after each wave his/her blocks get refilled.
    it would also be nice to set a max amount of builders for each game and a minimum amount of players to at all start a match.

    Also, it would be nice to let the players receive certain items after certain waves (config) or after a certain amount of kills, instead of when it's all done.

    This last part of the request is not necessary, but it would be fun:
    After completing an arena, you get experience.
    In the config the admin can set the amount of required experience to reach levels.
    With those levels you can unlock new arenas.

    When a player types the command to list the arena's s/he can go to, it would be nice if it could look like this:
    - "Dafuq am i doing here?" EASY: 46
    - "Arena 2" MEDIUM: 104
    - "Arena 3" HARD: 176
    - "Hardcore slayers" DEATH: 257

    With the numbers being the amount op EXP you receive for completing an Arena.
    When the player has, for example, 300XP, s/he will unlock new arena's.


    Of course, after each match the arena would have to reset itself

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    Quite hard to make and use propper formating. I'm sure it could be done though.
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    I know this is a fairly complicated plugin but I am sure my players would love it, I am sure I would ;)
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    Am I still the only one who thinks this might be nice?
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    Mobarena has all this except the zombie's breaking blocks and changing speed, you could probably get a seperate custom plugin to do that and link in with Mobarena

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