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Discussion in 'Bukkit Tools' started by ImminentFate, Jun 20, 2012.


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    not sure what the issue is, maybe it's just with yours? I used it perfectly fine on my laptop, which has a wireless card in it, and it worked irrespective of whether i plugged it into lan or used wifi. However, it won't work if both are on at the same time, since it doesn't support dual networking. That might be your issue?
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    this problem came up on 4 computers i used , if it doesnt support dual networking if you turn wireless off LAN still doesnt work
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    might be your router then, because if it doesn't support UPnP (or it might be turned off), then the app won't work
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    Dont work for me to. Or it worked fine 1st i used it but later it didn't work what shoud i do
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    try restarting your computer, and your router, then try again
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    it says the specified details are not valid and yes i have uPnP but im not sure how to turn it on. i use a linksys so if anybody can help me, please tell me.
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    Thanks your awesome
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    1) Go to cmd (command prompt) type in ipconfig.
    2) Look for the default gateway , should be something like or something.
    3) Type your default gateway into your address bar.
    4) Login to you router (user, password should be on a sticker on your router)
    5) Go to either the UPnP tab or NAT tab or GameSharing tab
    6) Enable UPnP , save , restart your router and Done
    7) Use the PortMapperSoftware
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    can i get an alt download it keeps giving me the "too many redirects" error
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    Sure I'll post one the next time I'm at my pc
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    How Do i get this upnp and net4? stuff
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    upnp is an inbuilt feature in most routers. you can't "download it"
    .NET 4 can be downloaded from microsoft's website. google ".NET 4 download"
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    It says cannot find link or whatever when I download it same with you server manager
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    Please fix windows 8 D: ! I can use it and type everything but when i start the server no one can join! I did: TCP 25565 CraftBukkit and enabled on firewall (advanced) What should i do?? Please reply fast! I used Windows 7 before (Upgraded) And then it worked

    I have windows 8 and i Puted exacly (bad english) As the picture and everything is good until my friends try to join. THEY GETING A PROBLEM!!!! I hade windows 7 before and it worked (Upgraded)! What should i do? Answer/Help would be nice and good :) (FAST!!!)

    Hey! Can you scroll down and see what Killerline10168 "Me" Wrietd and if u can help?

    Ok! I have Windows 8. What should i do? Everything works and nice but i start the server and no one can join! I've upgraded and on Windows 7 it worked. I did Windows Firewall (Advanced) And that didn't work to D: With windows 8. On windows 7 everything is nice with PortMapper! PLZZ HELP!!!!
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    windows 8 uses a different new way of managing applications , so it wudnt b weird that some applications dont work compared to others
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    HELP ME!!!
    When i enter in this
    Description: MC Server
    Protocol: TCP
    Port: 25565
    It says "The Specified Details Are Not Valid"

    If the problem 4,

    is Microsoft.NET Framework 4 the right program?
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    When you first open the program , is the list of forwarded ports empty?
    or does it have some ports forwarded inside?
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    it is empty
    plz help!!
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    I Got My Ip But When I connect it says failed to connect: connect
    what do i do???

    I Have A Wifi Router so please say an easy way because I Suck at this stuff

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    Please explain more , What ip External or Internal , External is the one you get from and internal is the IPv4 which you get from ur CMD by doing "ipconfig"
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    I seem to be having a problem when using MC server soft, I had it working just a bit ago, but now my friends cant connect to my server. They were able to yesterday. Any clue why?
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    ImminentFate It doesn't display any of my ports and it won't let me foward ports eaither. Could this be my firewall? Heres a picture. I have UPnp enabled and installed the program again. If this won't work can someone direct me to a portfowarding tool that works?
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    It doesn't show you your ports because normally you don't have any upnp ports. UPnP ports close when you restart the computer, usually - so most of your ports tend to be saved into the router, and those don't come up here. What you can do is add your minecraft ports to this, and they will stay until you restart your computer. This tool is more for those who can't forward from their router
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    It also says the specified details aren't workingor whatever when I try to foward Minecraft. This tool has worked great for me in the past as in like 3 days ago. I had to set my firewall settings back to default to fix some internet issues and now it doesn't work. I really need to foward Votifier because my server is already up. It's a really nice tool to have all your ports easily accesible like Port Map for windows. I hope you can help me get it to work again.

    Uh ok so how do I fix this?

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    so it was working before? interesting, try disabling your firewall (temporarily) and see if it works then. if it does, re-enable your firewall, but add the program to the exceptions list. Just ask if you need help with that
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    The firewall and the restart did it, but now I need to go about figuring out how to get it to work. Thanks for your support and great application. :) But now how could I make it so it will work with my firewall on?
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    try adding the program to the "allowed" list on your firewall. This can be done by going to the control panel, hitting "windows firewall" and then in the sidebar (if on windows 7 or vista, not sure where on xp) clicking on "allow a program or feature through the firewall".
    Add the Port Mapper, you will have to click the button that says "Allow another program..."
    When done, try again, you may or may not need to restart your computer for it to work
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    Ok so I downloaded your program months ago and it worked great I loved it no more shitty port forward crap no matter where I went I could host my server. but I moved to my new house and I have the same router same internet provider but it does not seem to be working why would that be?
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