Anyone know a good Chest Locker i can use that doesnt affect with ChestShop?

Discussion in 'Bukkit Discussion' started by isleepzzz, Jun 18, 2012.

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    Hey guys, i have ChestShop as one of my plugins and i want to know, is there an up-to-date for 1.2.5 minecraft servers that lock chests with a permission needed to be able to lock the chests?
    I just need a simple one but iv searcehd and found only a bunch of out-of-date ones or one but it messes up with ChestShop so:/ Help me out if u can, ty:)
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    Lockette isnt usable with chestshop....
    "Conflicting plugins: ChestShop"

    But ty, ill use Simplechestlock
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    Did you try out the 1.7?
    I've been using Lockette and ChestShop fine.
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    +1! I have simplechestlock and it's so incredibly easy. Just hit your chests or any usable object with a stick to lock and unlock it.
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    Lolmewn Retired Staff

    LWC. In the ChestShop config, there's even an option to use LWC for chest locking!
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    I agree with the 2 users above me, LWC!
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    Don't you use Essentials?
    Essentials has a basic integrated chest protection function,
    it works just fine with ChestShop.
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    Essentials is really kinda "bloated" with features. It has everything a server needs to get started (besides a decent permissions handler and block logger), however most of the stuff that Essentials does, another plugin can do better, due to the fact that essentials really is just that - Essentials.

    I strongly recommend getting LWC, it is the most powerful personal block protection plugin available.
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