Question Any way to disable Map Coordinats on server?

Discussion in 'Plugin Help/Development/Requests' started by aArczi, Aug 11, 2015.

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    I there any way to disable Map Coordinats under F3 button?I want to turn off the map coordinates,I don't want to let people know where they are. I need to be a server side plugin or script, does is actually exist?
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    timtower Administrator Administrator Moderator

    @aArczi That is client side and can't be blocked.
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    As @timtower said, there's no way to disable Client side functions by making a plugin, running some code, etc... You would actually have to edit the Minecraft code, which, obviously, you aren't able to do.
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    @timtower @JohnathanPlays @aArczi This is actually possible, albeit slightly difficult. After crossing over a specific amount of chunks or something, the user gets client-sidedly 'teleported' to another world. In reality it's the exact same as the original world, but the chunks are in different locations. While the coordinates can't be turned off, they can be made totally inaccurate. The client thinks that they are in a different world with different chunks but in fact there is only the one world loaded.
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    So you're all taking the development way of this, when in reality, there's actually a vanilla command to do this. As of 1.8, there's a gamerule to reduce the debug information, which can be accomplished by running the following command:

    /gamerule reducedDebugInfo true
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