Any plugins that make gold tools better?

Discussion in 'Archived: Plugin Requests' started by Deleted user, Jun 13, 2012.

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    Deleted user

    Since gold tools are completely useless, I'd kind of like to make them a bit more useful. (better than iron)

    Are there any plugins that can do this?
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    "Gold tools mine blocks the fastest of all tools in the game and have the highest enchantability (making it possible to get Silk Touch with a level 1 enchantment, which is impossible with another tool tier), however they also have the fewest uses (33) and cannot harvest most ores. Most players with the resources use diamond tools instead , which are nearly as fast and have 1562 uses before breaking. Since enchanted tools often gain unbreaking or efficiency, which are of limited use on a golden tool, making and enchanting a gold tool is wasteful, unless the player is trying to get silk touch with the fewest experience levels spent as possible. Fortune is also of little use on a golden pickaxe, which can't mine important ores like diamonds. However, since gold is now renewable, players may prefer gold tools over diamond tools in small scaled mining operations since they may want to reserve the rare, non-renewable diamonds for large scaled projects."
    Minecraft Wiki (

    They aren't useless...
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    Deleted user

    Do you not realize that a plugin without "GOLD TOOL" in the name could possibly do what I want?

    I found nothing from searching for
    There used to be a plugin called invtools that allowed you to setup different tools to last certain lengths.
    It isn't like I'd find something of that sort by searching for gold, hence why I posted this thread.

    Most people don't want to waste their gold on a tool that'll barely last them. :|

    and what about the sword?
    Isn't the gold sword as strong as wood, but lasts around 1/2 the length?
    that's pretty darn useless.
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    Obviously. Do you not realize that searching also searches the description?

    I gave you GoldTools, which does exactly what you asked for.

    Then why didn't you mention you wanted to change durability in your original post?
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    ou can use this if you have an economy plugin or it can be set to repair a tool with certain items. It is automatic or manual I believe I read. You can probably find more plugins by searching "durability"

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