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    Hello everyone.
    I just seen something at the forums, if you type "no-z-cheat" and "no-z-fly" at your commandbook's motd in sperate lines it will disable zombe's mod pack's cheat and fly functions. But i need something for the Xray mod. Is Anti-Xray a good solution?
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    The motd thing is probably just myth. And even then, there are other cheat packs out there.

    Anti-Xray is a better solution than none.
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    FoundDiamonds is a good sulotion... It doesnt disable x-ray but tell you when somewhone finds diamonds, and other ores... So you could catch them!
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    "no-z-cheat" and "no-z-fly" really works. Try if you want.
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    Umm I believe what you are referring to is a myth. Bukkit has built in anti fly and cheat tools though.
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    @dak393 It's working i tried it... And what do you mean by myth?
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    Try it without adding to the motd there is working anti-hack even without commandbook (good plugin choice btw) what does it say when it kicks someone?
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    What? It doesn't kick anyone. It just doesn't allow to fly and cheat(if u type "no-z-cheat")
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    careful the antixray can kill all ores in your world. just be careful. be sure to follow directions with that plugin.
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