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Discussion in 'Archived: Plugin Requests' started by Purplemen101, Aug 13, 2013.

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    Hi, recently a favorite server of mine has had problems with people camping in spawn, running out to kill someone, and running back in protection. We tried using world guard to keep people from re-entering spawn, but it even prevented /spawn all together. We really need help preventing people from running back in spawn. If you all could help, I would greatly appreciate it!
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    World Guard?
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    As stated in OP, we couldn't get it to work. It would only allow players to leave, and not even be able to return with /spawn.
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    daboross Retired Staff

    So you want to stop people from moving in there, but only when it isn't caused by a comand?

    No offence but I don't really understand the point of not allowing them to go back by moving, but allowing them to go back by teleporting.

    Also why not just have the spawn some ways in the air? I know it isn't what you asked for and a plugin would be better, but why not have the spawn like, 3 blocks above the ground outside, so that people can jump off and then not get back?
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    We don't want people to be able to walk back into spawn safezone. They aren't interested in rebuilding spawn, because it looks really nice the way it is. The problem is, people keep stepping into the pvp zone, lowering their health with arrows, and when the enemy gets near them, just step back into safezone. We're asking for a plugin that makes them have to do /spawn, so they must wait 5 seconds (for that server). That way, pvp running can be disabled. :D Also, even if we did move spawn up, the main problem is donator using rocket boots to fly up into safezone, so anything we could use to slow them down as pvp-ers can't work.
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    timtower Moderator Moderator

    Simple suggestion:
    Put a wall around the spawn with stairs at the inside, they will be able to jump out, but won't be able to get back in
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    I only read the title, not the post :D

    I got an idea.

    Make spawns for different people.

    Noob joins the game.
    Noob is at spawn: noobSpawnPoint.
    Noob passes a test and noob gets promoted to professional.
    professional then leaves the spawn.
    and some other professional tries to kill him.
    professional types /spawn
    too bad he doesn't have the essential spawn permission.

    OR... put a cooldown on teleportations.
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    There is a cooldown on teleportaitions. Read the post, and you'll realize this is FAR from what I'm asking for.
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    You Could, make the Spawn not Accessible by creating another WorldGuard zone around your spawn wich you cant enter, and then make some sort of short range Teleport with ComandBlocks through that zone.

    You would have to enlarge your SpawnRegion, and then add another Region inside that as Child. That way you cant walk into spawn, and only Teleport out via the Teleporters.
    But, this could lead to SpawnCamping.
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    We're trying to get rid of spawn camping, which is why we want spawn un re-enterable.
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    I meant it the way, that the Players gonna camp for those who come out of Spawn, and cant get back.
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    The main reason we want it re-enterable is because when a super strong faction comes to fight another super strong faction, it ends up with both of the factions camping in the safe zone, trying to lure the other one out for 30 minutes. We're fine with that camping because otherwise, PvP is impossible with them just running back.
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    Then, the solution i offered you, would/should work just fine. :)
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    So we basically make 5 regions around spawn that you can't enter (4 walls 1 roof) and make teleporters inside of spawn to teleport you through the region? However, couldn't players enderpearl? Did some testing, we would just make the child spawn flagged with enderpearl deny. Looks like this may work. Thanks for the help!
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    fromgate Retired Staff

    MonsterFix has a feature to configure after respawn invulnerability time (and it has a lot of other configurable features)
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    How does that help spawn re-entry?
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    Find a plugin that promotes someone when they leave a certain area, so when the leave spawn, they'll be a Member, then give Member now deny the member group that the person got promoted to entering the spawn with W.G.
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    fromgate Retired Staff

    Sorry, I'm really did not understand what you need at that moment.

    But now.. I think I can suggest you solution — ReActions plugin.

    You can create WorldGuard region for you spawn area, and use this region with ReActions' activator "rgenter" and a delay flag.
    /react add rgenter <activator name> <region name>
    /react add <activator name> f pdelay <delay id>
    /react add <activator name> a pdelay <delay time>/<delay id>
    /react add <activator name> r back 2

    This activator will allow player to move in to spawn region, but after leaving the region he will no be able to enter in this region again until <delay time> passed.

    And you can realize the suggestion of n31ln3t using ReActions too (there's another type of activator - rgleave (Leave the region)
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