Anti-Inflation Economy and Taxes

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Do you know how the money supply is governed?

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    An economy that doesn't make money out of thin air
    Hi guys! I'm proposing for a plugin to be made as an all-purpose economy solution that stops money from being generated on the server out of thin air.

    Plugin category: Economy

    Suggested name: InflationCraft

    What I want: A plugin that handles player accounts, the money supply, and taxes all-in-one. When another plugin (example a mob bounty rewards plugin) wants to award a player some money, the money HAS to come from somewhere and not just magically created.

    How this works: There is a 'master' account (all it the Central Bank) which is responsible for money creation. This is then given to 'slave' accounts which have pools of money dedicated to certain tasks. Finally you have player accounts which act like traditional player accounts.

    MASTER ACCOUNT = The server admin tells this config the limit of how much money can be in circulation on the server. If more money is required then it must be created.

    SLAVE ACCOUNTS = Rewards, Events, Bounty Prizes, Server Shops. These are examples of slave accounts. When a plugin sends a request to vault to issue money to a player then based on what plugin it is, the appropriate slave account pays the money.

    This ensures that ALL money on the server is accounted for and the money supply is fully controlled.

    TAXES = Server admins can decide how taxes work. For example if taxes are to pay for bounty prizes or other things on the server then taxes can be configured to pay into the appropriate server account. If not then the money returns to the Master Account (central bank).

    Different tax levels (brackets) and percentages should be available.

    If you have $1000 then you pay X percentage, if you have $2000 then you pay Y percentage, and so on.

    Example: 'Bob' has $500 in his player account, other players on the server collectively have $2500. The Bounty Office has $500 in its account and the central bank has $1500 in its account. A total of $5000 exists on the server.

    'Bob' just killed a creeper and should be paid $10 as bounty. Normally the plugin on the server designed to pay bounties would just magic this money into existence. The economy plugin instead makes the Bounty Office (Slave Account) send $10 to Bob.

    Ideas for commands:

    Needs to be idiot simple for players to the standard /eco and /pay and /bal commands.

    For server admins they need to be able to create money if needed.

    /reserve <create|collect> 100

    Above command creates $100 of money or collects $100 from slave accounts.

    Ideas for permissions:


    etc I dunno.

    When I'd like it by: This is a big project and I have a dossier I created for my idea server economy. There is quite a lot of information and I can see that this idea is very intimidating at face value.

    I'd like to talk to a developer about this who would like to tackle this project.

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