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    I've been making a port for my ships controlled by movecraft and it's looking really nice, except for the whole area is covered in snow/ice. and my ships can't get through. I was wondering if someone could create a plugin that would control whether water freezes or snow forms. Any one willing to do this?
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    why not line a path with glowstone/torches?
    would make your waterways look nicer as well :)
    alternately: disable weather (essentials/worldguard have options for that I think)
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    one, it's a river that's about 20 blocks wide, glowstone/torches don't quite go that far, and it freezes over without weather, or will turning weather off disable freezing as well? i'll try it, thanks for the help
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    freezing should only occur during weather, unless there's a glitch where it can freeze without weather
    if water freezes when it's not snowing, or in a non-snow biome, just line your river with blocks to keep it from spreading.
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    Any water source blocks in a cold biome will spontaneously freeze over time with or without weather. It would be interesting to see if a dev could disable this with a plugin. Alternately I know of plugins that disable boat breaking so if a dev made boats have ice grade hulls (collision between ice and a boat would break the ice) you could travel unhindered.
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    put glowstone under the water and make a nice waterway then :p
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    i would, except it goes down to the bedrock, we have subs and boats, so it has to be deep
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    For the Moment, Seasons manage the snow regen but not the ice one.
    See in my signature for the links
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    there is already a plugin for this... but it has a few features you probably do not want.
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    what is it called? i've tried searching for one, but haven't been able to find it

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