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    Okay, so a typical forcefield will hit all players within a 5 block radius of a player. So what if we spawned NPC's around people during combat? The NPC could have an invisible potion and only appear for a second. These NPC's could spawn anywhere from 1-5 blocks around a player except in-between actual players (or allow NPC's to be hit though) so they don't mess up legitimate players. I believe this will trick the forcefield into hitting the NPC's dramatically crippling the efficiency of using forcefield hacks. The NPC's should be given random names to make clients detecting this more difficult.

    Edit: Apparently someones made this!
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    Could you not just check and see if the player was trying to attack too fast or from too far away? The NPC thing seems a bit overly complicated. It probably wouldn't be hard to modify forcefield to ignore things that are invisible.
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    A client can be programmed to not attack entities that were spawned close to the player.

    Clients can also detect this.

    It will all work, until it becomes mainstream and everyone knows how to counter it.
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    Spawn them far away and make them run very fast past the player.
    I'm relying on the client detecting people with invisibility so that forcefield works. Clients won't disable forcefield for invisible players, and if they do people will just use invis pots.
    If it was actively developed most bypasses could be countered.

    This is what I believe nocheatplus aims to do, and people can still forcefield with the plugin installed. It's just nerfs forcefield a little bit.

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    That is so funny. I came up with the exact same theory 2 days ago and wrote the plugin.
    The results were not as expected. For some reason the forcefield didn't hit the NPC.
    I tried everything I could but I just couldn't get it to work. Case busted. :/
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    Perhaps making the player disappear for 1 tick when the NPC is spawned?
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    I made it the latest release is on <removed>
    NPC STATUS: Unseeable to the basic player (unless in f5 mode)
    Myne is completely automatic >.>

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    and yet, if i go on the server, "FrostyCheats" is red, which means the plugin is bugged / isnt working. lol
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    That's what your suppost to think...
    try using aimbot, killaura, killauralegit, forcefield
    if anything Xyene is wanting to beta test it more while he is awake
    me and the owner of FF were beta testing for 3 hours and he said it worked very well
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    could you please send me the source then? I would love to learn off of this / use it myself for my upcoming server
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    It's not free <removed>

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    I see. alright then.
    damn it, i wanted to see how the code was D:

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    The link you put in your post doesn't work for me. Like the plugin won't work. I downloaded "AntiAura" and protocollib
    I can do /help antiaura but when I do /auracheck Hiruko78 (my test person), nothing pops up. 0/4 NPC's killed even though I was spawning mobs around him. Even NoCheatPlus got the errors that he was forcefielding.
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    Actually, this theory has been used on a couple Soup PvP servers I play on. One of my friends also has thought of this theory, as well.
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