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Discussion in 'WIP and Development Status' started by Michael Rhodes, Jan 16, 2011.

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    Michael Rhodes

    Hello everyone,

    I wanted to announce the major plugin I am currently working on. I started this a little over a month ago with hMod, and am now converting my code to use Bukkit.

    RPGCraft will be a complete RPG experience plugin for Minecraft.

    The following features will be included in version 1.0 of my plugin
    - Custom currency (gold, silver and copper)
    - 4 Main Classes (Mage, Fighter, Priest and Scout)
    - Town Creation and Management.
    - Special abilities to set up certain types of buildings
    ---- Bank
    ---- Post Office
    ---- Farm
    ---- Jail
    - Secondary Professions
    ---- Builder
    ---- Miner
    ---- Merchant
    ---- Farmer
    ------- Livestock or Wheat

    So, this is a basic list of features that I plan to include. I am open to suggestions and ideas. I will release a working version once currency is working again (was working with hMod, converting to Bukkit now)

    I have big plans for this plugin and will be running it on my server. It will be throughly tested by people on my server, then will release it here.

    Hope this sounds interesting to you guys.

  2. I think this was a great idea from the start.....I play on the server that he runs and what i have seen with hmod in alpha it looks great. I dont want to give anything away because im not to sure what he wants released but its great he has done alot with the currency (So we can trade items and what not) that was working great until......BETA and at the moment we are using bukkit on our server with a few plugins he made. I hope this is done soon it is really shaping up now.
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    I have a question (2 questions actually). Will there be town pvp like in towny? And also any chance for iConomy support instead of currency just for this plugin?
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    Michael Rhodes

    Hey, thanks for the interest.

    For your first question, I don't have plans for town pvp. However, that said I am also working on another plugin I call "TotalHealthControl" My plans for that plugin will include a lot of cool stuff for pvp, as well as other things.

    For this plugin I will have custom health values. Players will be able to gain experience by killing mobs and animals.

    As for the iConomy question, I haven't thought of that one yet. I will not rule it out as a possibility but don't think i can get to adding that in now. I am not so certain that iConomy would fit in with my overall plans for this plugin.

    Update: I have my currency working now. just need to make sure it gets saved to data files. As of right now people can check their balance, and give each other coin.

    If there is enough interest in this I can post a jar file with some instructions on usage.

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    If I hadn't just seen someone implement that entire feature list in a single week, I would say you have made good progress!
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    Michael Rhodes

    james0x0a: Not sure what your'e talking about, but I can assure you that I am not trying to copy anyone, or anything that is out there.

    I do have more detailed plans, and will be putting up a website with these details in the coming week sometime.
    I think when I am done with this I will have a pretty unique plugin ( I hope ).

    This is something that I am doing for the members of my server. They all are very interested in this and I wanted to share this with the community.

    I'll hopefully have a 0.1 release today. It will just have the custom currency done, nothing else at this point. My next step will be to implement a base class structure and a fighting / experience system.

    Like I said before, I will keep this forum updated on my progress. I hope people here will find this interesting. This is a hobbie for me, so either way I enjoy making this plugin :)

    Ok, So I have a version that can be downloaded. It's not really useful right now, but you are welcome to try it out.

    I will work on this more tomorrow (it's late now)

    As of now, it will save and load your rpg player data automatically.
    It will create the following folder structure: "RPGCraft\players\<playername>" and save the players info in there.

    You can check your coin balance by typing /balance
    You can give another player money by typing " /givecoin <gold> <silver> <copper> <playername> "

    Also, It is setup to allow the player to change their display name (when typing, not above the players head) to a rpg name of their choice.
    "/rpg setname <name>"

    This is the first of the /rpg commands.

    Like I said before.... this isn't overly useful right now, but I sure would appreciate some feedback and ideas to make this better.

    The plugin can be downloaded at

    I will be working more on this tomorrow and will update with my progress.
    I will also make a more official post in the plugin releases forum when I have something more useful ;)

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    A colleague and I began working on something like this under hMod a couple of weeks before Minecraft 1.2 went live. Since then, we've been debating whether it's something we should port to Bukkit, largely on account of the outstanding licensing issues.

    We chose a somewhat different model than you did: we split unrelated functionalities out into their own plug-ins and used libraries or hMod's custom hooks to share that functionality when it was needed by more than one plug-in.

    The primary plug-in, itself, contained only character class definitions and level progression.

    Spells and power were going to be implemented as a generic world effect engine that hooked spells and spell effects defined in other libraries using hMod custom hooks and exposed them through a common set of player commands.

    Economy was going to be handled with in-game currencies: gold ingots and blocks for the most part. Under hMod there were already a half-dozen choices, but we had not evaluated them in any depth to determine which ones would be viable for our use.
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    could you make your source available? I'm also working on a skill-based progression mod, I'd like to see if your code could help me or vice versa...
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    Michael Rhodes

    Sorry for the lack of update today. I have been busy working on another plugin. I am making a secure login plugin to allow players to log in to my server when it is in offline mode.

    If it works out I will post the plugin.... as of now I am running into some roadblocks.

    I'll get back to the RPGCraft plugin shortly....

    Ok, I'm back to work on this now...

    As for the source code, I don't think I have anything special that could help you at this point with skill progression.

    I haven't begun to work on player stuff yet.... currently working on the currency stuff, and setting up some bank town features like a bank, post office, and merchant shops.

    I want to make sure this plugin gets done very well and professionally, so I am taking my time, and thoroughly testing / planing.

    I may have something new up tonight, if not tomorrow.

    Any requests for me in the meantime for this plugin ?

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    I like the Idea of this plugin. It sounds great. I was wondering though. Is the "Gold. Silver, Copper" in a coin type of form or is it used as bars? I think it would be cool if scripted as Coins because then it would be like in the old days. "sonny ill trade you 2 copper coins foorrr that big ol silver one" :D
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    Michael Rhodes

    Shanne: I thought about making it bars, but in the end decided to code it as coins. If I made it use in game objects it would be hard to control and regulate the money in game.

    I am working on a bank system where people can create a bank, and setup a system where people can sell iron, gold, and diamond blocks to the bank in exchange for coins. I will make a config file to set the prices the bank will buy these for.

    Also I will have a "supply and demand" system as well. So, if the players are selling to the bank more stuff then is being bought, then the bank will automatically lower the prices it sells for and increase the buying price...

    Right now I am coding a " /shout" command. When a player types in the chat bar only people within a certain range will see the text... and /shout will broadcast to all players on the server.

    I will post a new jar file as soon as that is done. I have also been working on the banking system, but nothing really usable yet, just setting the foundation for everything :)

    Ok, I just finished, and tested the new feature.

    Now when you chat in game only people near you will see your text. To make everyone see your text use the new command, /shout <your message>

    By "near" is hardcoded a number in ( I know, this is bad.) the radius is 20 blocks for now. I will make this option part of the settings file when I get that made.

    The link is the same as above.

    Any questions / comments are welcome.... also if you do want to test this out please let me know of any problems you find as well.

    Thanks guys,

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    It would be good if you had the option to disable the class system, and with the jail would it be possible to have a tool that when you hit a player with it he goes to jail? it should require permission to use a command, like enter /nstick and then you have a stick that warps to jail.
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    Server owner just agreed to test it on our server!! AHHH!!! SO EXCITED!! *calms down* Anyways ill get back to you on what people think :D
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    Instead of adding town pvp and such, please leave that sort of thing to Towny mod by Shade. I hope this will work fully with Towny mod. Otherwise.... idk. I really want this but I think towny gets priority.
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    Backed up server.... Installed..... It wouldnt work he said he kept getting error messages
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    Michael Rhodes

    Hey, sorry to hear about the errors, did he say what the error message was?

    I didn't get any messages on my server.... I just checked again. I also removed all folders and config files my plugin created... still no errors.

    Let me know if you can and I will try to fix it.

    Also, as for the concerns about this becoming a towny type plugin, that's not my plan. I am basically setting up functions that will allow people to use things like a bank, post office etc. Then my focus will be more on the classes and rpg style combat. (exp levels, loot, etc)
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    No sorry he did not say what the error message was. If its not to much trouble for him ill have him reinstall it tomorrow. For he lives in Barcelona, Spain; so it is very late there and I then have school. So expect to hear back from me sometime January 20, around 4:30 5:00pm EST
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    ok good. So this sounds like it will end up enhancing towny. I had an idea for the combat as well. What if each class had an object that would allow them to use a different number of action skills that they unlocked. I know next to nothing about plugin programming but this is just me dreaming.

    For example, the ranger class who left clicks with an arrow equipped will perform one of their action skills, such as making it rain arrows on their cursor etc. Right clicking with the arrow will switch the action skill to perform. Also, maybe left clicking with the bow switches arrow type. So you could equip "shotgun" arrows which split into multiple arrows after they are fired. Any special arrow type or action skill would draw upon a mana pool when used. A class like a ranger would have a lower mana and higher strength/ranged damage while a class like a mage would have more mana and more spells and a lower strength/health etc. Probably not the least bit practical but it's an idea.

    I'd also like to commend you on your dealings with the community. I think communication is really important if you want to please the end user.
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    I agree. I would love to have a jailing system that would work with /warp features maybe? like you could do /setwarp jail...then when you smack a user with a certain item it warps them to "jail". Awesome plugin...keep it up.
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    Lol. Reminds me of the days when I ran a gmod server with the darkrp mod... Good times. The stun baton from HL2 was used as a jail warp stick thing. No one knows what I'm Talking about probably... OnTopic- This jail. It would be used if someone stole or griefed?
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    Michael Rhodes

    Hey, Sorry I didn't reply to your post before... I've been busy programming, playing Minecraft, and running my server, lol. I just re-read your post and I am very interested in what you have done. I do not want to copy anyone while doin my plugin, but definately could use ideas and inspiration from other people willing to help with that.

    I like your idea of making it modular with separate jar files. I may end up doing that myself. I have been thinking about that already, and especially since spoonikle asked about disabling the class system as an option. However, to be honest I am not sure why someone would want that, since the main feature of this plugin I am making is Classes, and leveling, etc. Oh well, regardless it's good to provide as many options as possible.

    Do you have a website with more information on what you did with hMod ?

    Also, I will not copy or reproduce any of your ideas without your consent first... that's not what I am about.

    Thanks and talk to you soon..

    You can send me a PM if you prefer to do that too...
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    No problem! I'm fairly busy from time to time, myself.
    I'm not worried about it. I've contributed a lot of free code to the public domain in my time. Wherever there are good ideas you will find lots of different implementations to choose from. It's the way the world works. If you like some idea I've expressed, by all means, please use it.
    I intended to use all of the plug-ins I wrote together, on the same server. The greatest strength of breaking up the code into different plug-ins is the Separation of Concerns. Organizationally, it works very nicely.
    I've worked on classless systems before (back in the MUD days). They're not unheard of. But, generally, classless systems also have no level progression and use skill experience to progress the character. I, personally, enjoy this style of game-play quite a lot, but it's very hard to balance.
    Unfortunately, I do not. My colleague and I did not feel we had made sufficient progress to merit a public release of our plug-in code. We had always intended that the code would be released, in one form or another, after it was mature but the Minecraft 1.2 release got in the way.
    Have I expressed any ideas thus far that aren't found in 50 or so different MMORPGs? I don't think so. [​IMG]
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    Did you ever see Classy back on Hmod?
    I had been hoping to add some leveling features and other similar things to the plugin, but then the bukkit switch... Well, I still haven't ported all my plugins over, or any of them for that matter. Still missing some things, or the things I need are a bit bugged. Regardless, if you're interested in any of the class skills let me know and I could get you the src code for them. I may port Classy over, but if you're already doing something similar, meh, I don't see the point.
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    I had taken a look at Classy, but it really wasn't what I was looking for. Classy provides a handful of classes implemented more or less through direct skill or spell assignments. With some tweaks to the code and configuration this could be changed, but the spells and powers were still assigned in code.

    What I was shooting for was a level progression engine. Classes were to be defined in meta-information but not supplied in the classes plug-in, itself. Spell and skill assignments were to be done using a combination of command permissions by group (every class corresponded directly to an hMod group) and spell engine mechanics.

    The classes defined an experience scale, dependencies, etc. As an administrator, you would drop in a class-specific plug-in to provide powers for your class. You would create a new hMod group corresponding to the class. Then you would create the class definition to bind the group to the level progression engine and assign the appropriate spells or skills to the group.
    Classy makes a lot of people happy. It's easy to use. It provides the basics right out the box. The plug-in I was writing was a lot more complicated, and it was this way because I wanted that added flexibility. In my humble opinion, there is more than enough room for Classy to co-exist with other class-based and level progression plug-ins.
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    This sounds a lot better than my plans I was working up (shortly before the demise of hMod). I was mainly planning on using the Achievements plugin and defining "Class" achievements, then to "level" you would get thrown into a different group, that gave you more commands, or access to kits. This would allow the people that played more to get rewarded more by being able to "multi-class" by gaining all the achievements.

    It wasn't going to be easy, though. A top level of a class would only be Level 5 or so, and take a lot of time/effort to get there. Was trying to work up an auctioneer style profession with iConomy, too. Sadly, I started this 2 nights before hMod died so threw it to the wind.
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    This does sound like a great idea and I like the thought of level progression. The issue that I see is that some of the tools you are implementing are things that other plug-ins do. If your going to make alternate versions of other plug-ins that's cool but I would like to see all the tools in separate .jar files so we can pick and choose what we want.
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    Is there a public repository out there for RPGCraft or is it private?
    Would be a lot of fun looking at the code and adding just a few features myself.
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    Dale Martel

    Not sure if this could be done, but would it be possible to not allow the breaking of certain blocks until someone is of a sufficient "Miner" class level? Such as you would need to have a "Miner" class level of 5 to break Iron Ore, 20 to break Gold Ore, etc.?

    Going back to a "Miner" class, would it be possible to not allow them to use certain picks until a certain level as well? Such as not being able to use Stone Picks until class level 5 or something similar.

    [Random Question]
    Does the plug-in store multiple class levels for players? Say I got to "Warrior" level 10, switch class to "Archer", get "Archer" up to level 5, and then switch back to "Warrior". Would my "Warrior" level still be 10?

    Overall this seems like a very good mod, and one that I am looking forward to. I run my own server with a friend and we will almost definitely be running this on our server.
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    This seems like an amazing idea, I was thinking about starting something like this myself. I hope it comes out nicely!! If you need anyone to help with the production let me know! xD
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