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Discussion in 'WIP and Development Status' started by Dudemister1999, Oct 20, 2014.



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    Hi, everyone! I'm making an Android app to control servers remotely. It'll come in two parts, a plugin and an app. Both of which will be open source, and I welcome you to dissect, change, and release modified versions. After all, it's code. I didn't invent Java, nor will I claim ownership of parts of it.

    Anyways, onto Features list.

    * Multi-window, three sections (Console, Config, Util)
    * Lightweight (Uses only what it has to, no hidden junk)

    * Account system, permission based (Admins can't use config option, etc)
    * Multithreaded (Keeping your server healthy and light)
    * Allow for connection list, kicking, whitelisting accounts, and more

    As you might have known, it sounds like a bunch of hooey. I'll be working on it as much as I can, but I might need some assistance with the Android part (Definitely not my specialty).

    If you have suggestions, requests, or anything else, post below! Also, I might end up making an iOS compatible version in the future, if demand is high enough.
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    I was already working on something like this. Btw be careful with multithreading because it can be dangerous, especially with disabling/reloading your server. If you want help I can lend a hand.
    Skype: Mr.Awellstein
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    Dudemister1999 Sounds like a good idea with much more flexibility than existing solutions to controlling a server from a mobile device. I have been playing around with Android app development quite a lot lately and would love to work with you on that. Even if it's just putting together the interface. From the code side of things, I have not worked with server interaction before so this could be a good opportunity to go into something slightly different from what I'm used to. I also have the latest up to date Android API installed.
    I have not worked with XCode before for IOS development, although I do work on an IMac so I do have it installed.
    In short, I would love to be a part of this!
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    bombom3000 It'd be great to have someone do that! I understand Android development, just not quite... good, to be frank. I can make the most basic of UI's, but that is the extent of my skill. I was originally going to use this for my server alone, but then demand from my peers made me create a public plugin for it. :p
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    bombom3000 It'll be exciting. If you want, you can find me on Skype here:

    dudemister1999 (Shocker, my name is the same. :/ )

    I can send you a basic, rough draft of the Android app design.
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    Dudemister1999 It may take a few days for me to get back to you, and I won't voice chat. Just skype message. Just to let you know.
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    sounds great, cant wait, if you want ill do any testing of it when you get to testing.
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