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Discussion in 'Community News and Announcements' started by mbaxter, Sep 6, 2014.

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    mbaxter ʇıʞʞnq ɐ sɐɥ ı Retired Staff

    Over the last two weeks, the Bukkit community has experienced some of the most substantial changes to the project since its inception. Multiple members of the staff, for various reasons, have chosen to resign. These staff are listed below, with links to their goodbye posts. Users on multiple teams are placed into just one by preference.

    The Bukkit Administrators
    EvilSeph - Honorable mention: Removed without chance to say goodbye
    TnT [tnt]

    The Bukkit Team

    The Bukkit Pull-Request Handlers/Bleeding

    The Bukkit Forum Moderators

    The BukkitDev Staff
  2. I had fun coding with bukkit, was a great run, gl to all, ggwp
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  3. Look who's back. ;)
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    It's all ogre now.
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  6. cool can i change my sig back yet?
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    So.. an equally important question to who left...

    Who remains?
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    Thank you all for your time and work to have made this community great and to have made long-term, fun multiplayer Minecraft possible. Good luck on your future pursuits.
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    Thanks for everyone's contributions. RIP
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    thanks for everything :(
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    The cycle has begun again. As Bukkit replaced hMod, a new mod will emerge to replace Bukkit. Hope to see you guys around.
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  12. Bye.. thanks for your great work.

    Also, doesn't anybody else think it's a way better idea to just resign instead of ruin a whole project (perhaps even the Minecraft server community!) with a pointless DMCA claim that just wastes everybody's money?
  13. All I can really say is Thank You! for all of the time and effort that you guys have poured into this project, to make Minecraft as a whole what it truly is today.

    Even though I've been a member on the forums and active user of Bukkit / Craftbukkit as a whole, since February 10th 2011 I haven't really stopped looked back and written a proper "Thank You" message to all of the hard workers, but better late than sorry I guess.

    From the bottom of my heart,
    Thank you for all of your hard work and love for the project, it's sad to see so many of you go.
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    Thanks for everything guys, Minecraft would've never been the same without you fellas...
  15. I gots an idea!
    Bukit get new staff and new staff save bukkit and everyone be is happy!
    who bukkit staff still stays to fite?
  16. It wasn't a pointless DMCA claim... Mr. Wolfe has been updating this project for the past 2 years under false pretenses. Not sure if this link is allowed here, but I'll post it anyway: Explanation on Reddit. However, back on topic, thank you to everyone who has updated and stood behind Bukkit for all of these years. You will all be missed. :(
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    LOL all these independent goodbyes have pushed vubui 's post off the front. Nice :p
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    Just to screw with Mojang can all you guys say that Mojang cant use your code either?

    I would lol.
  19. Goodbye, my friends!
  20. Thanks everyone who spent so much time on this project. It's unfortunate it had to end this way :c

    Goodbye Lolmewn. Just read your post on your blog, here: and I feel bad for you and the other staff who worked so much on what was meant to be a nonprofit organization. Without you guys, Minecraft really wouldn't be as popular as it is. I totally agree with your points in your post and think that Mojang won't be able to revive Bukkit or Minecraft after this mess. They've really wrecked their own project through their EULA responses & unfair treatment of all of you.

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  21. The downfall of bukkit has begun. We need a new server mod that all of our plugins will run, should we fork bukkit?

  22. Forking Bukkit wouldn't be enough, as any and all forks of Bukkit containing the same code would get shut down with the DMCA. We would need to rewrite tons of code to make a new project.
  23. "I welcome the future, but I will greet the past"

    Thank you Bukkit for the wonderful commits and commitments to the project
    ^- Get that joke :D?
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  24. Thank you everyone for your glorious contributions to the project. I'm extremely grateful that you guys saw time to work on Bukkit, and I want to wish you the best of luck with whatever you're doing next.

    Now, for the next bit:
    I know it seems dark for most of the community now that Spigot and Cauldron's gone, and bukkit seems to be falling apart as well, but we're part of a healthy community.
    I'm certain we can all manage to get past this bump in the road somehow, although it may take time.
  25. You all have been awesome.

    As a point of order, will any new plugins ever be approved in BukkitDev, or is BukkitDev formally dead?
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  26. Thank you to everybody who left for what you did, you were all amazing! <3
  27. Thanks Bukkit team for creating an amazing API that made me want to learn Java just so I could mess with Minecraft for my small little survival server. Rip <3
  28. Hasn't that already happened? :confused:
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    I'd like to thank all those that've gone and also those who still try to get everything running again.
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    Farewell and Thanks!
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