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Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by sikkens1997, Jan 23, 2012.

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    Hello, I have now managed to fully make my server and it's up and running. So now, I will need admins. And since I don't want them to have everything, I will need an Permissions plugin. I prefer Groups. Also I don't want people to be able to look at my plugins.

    Server Info:
    I am using a Bukkit server.
    Plugins: Bukkit, WorldEdit, CraftScripts, Spout, VanishNoPacket, HomeSpawnPlus, Residence, SafeExplosions, RealTeleporter, PlugMan, Pail, PailPlus, OpenInv, NoCheat, Lockette, iConomy, CraftBukkitUpToDate, CommandBin, ChestShop.
    Atm I'm hosting it on my own pc, will be going to a website 24/7 host in a few days!

    1. Permissions Plugin
    I would like a permissions plugin for my Plugins(obviously.. xD). I prefer it to be some sort of Group permissions, so I can set different permissions to 1 group and just simply add players to that group.

    I would like Default(/sethome /home /spawn command with HomeSpawnPlus ), Moderator (Some permissions from mainly CommandBin), Admin (Almost everything ecxept being able to make players OP) and Owner (everything).

    Please, if you know a Plugin for this link me. Also if you could, I would appreciate it so much if you explain me how to do this. In the past I have been looking for Perms Plugins and how to use them but I failed, alot of times. :p

    Please look at the Server Info for which plugins I use!

    2. Plugin Hider
    Pretty simple, I want people to not be able to look at my plugins. Atm they can by typing /pl or /plugins. How to stop this?

    3. MineCraft 24/7 server host
    So, I will be buying a 24/7 minecraft server host soon. Do you know where I could do this with a cheap price and good kwality? If you, please tell me or if your not allowed to send me a PM :) It needs to be where I can upload my own World! I have already made a whole world with spawn etc. Also I have plugins installed so I need to be able to upload them aswell. Preferably with FTP acces. Also, could you tell me howmuch Ram you need and howmany players it could hold?

    4. HomeSpawnPlus
    So, I already posted this there but I got 1 answer and I'm not really sure if that's correct since im a newb :p
    Since I will be getting a Permissions Plugin, please tell me how to do it on there.

    5. Chat + Command logging

    So another thing, I want to be able to see all chat logs and Commands used. So if it's a chatlog that logs everything it's fine, since the commands are in the chat used. Please a link.

    6. AntiCheat Plugin

    I'm now using AntiCheat, but it doesn't stop X-Ray. Some functions it does, but not all. Are there any AntiCheat Plugins that stop them all? Or that notify me of somebody hacking.

    7. Nether Portal

    Somehow people don't have permission to light the portal to the nether. Enable_Nether = true. How could this be? I think it's something with my Plugins, I have read in the config files and searched for nether or portal, but nothing popped up.

    Thanks!! :)

    FOR THE MODS: I'm not sure if I'm allowed to post #3, if I don't please just remove #3 instead of locking/removing topic pls.
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    There are many permissions plugins out there that suit your needs, including GroupManager, PermissionsEx, bPermissions and PermissionsBukkit. A google for one of these should come up with the correct plugin.

    Once you have permissions, don't allow access to the bukkit.command.plugins node.
    Have a look at the permissions nodes for the plugin as well as the tutorial for the permissions plugin you use.
    I use PlgLogCmd for the commands. All chat is logged to the main server log by default.
    From memory, X-Ray blocking plugins usually aren't particularly good. Though, for other anti-cheating stuff, you'll want to get WorldGuard, mcbans, CFBanner (disables Zombes mod) and a block logger, such as LogBlock, BigBrother or HawkEye
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    1. Could you please explain to me how I can use GroupManager? I have tryed really hard in the past, but never succeeded.

    2. Ok thanks.

    3. Ok thanks :p

    4. Ok I'll get that.

    Thanks! :)
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    Have a look at the docs for GM here:
    If you run into any problems with GM or need more help, come on IRC and someone'll sort you out:
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    Theres nowhere a download link for GM. lol
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    I dont have permission for anything anymore =/. I can't set myself as owner with all rights?

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    manuadd sikkens1997 owner
    in console
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    06:52 PM [INFO] Couldn't retrieve your world. Default world 'world one' selected.

    leave it im moved lol. Thanks
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    Oh by the way admin means unrestricted access, call your admins something else if you wanna keep me happy :)
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    If you need any GM help there are loads and loads of youtube videos showing the basics :) thats how i learned and i have a pretty good system going on my bukkit :)
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    I can figure some out on my own, i just need to know why that isn't working.

    - hsp.command.home
    - hsp.command.sethome
    - hsp.command.spawn

    but they still cant use /spawn /home and /sethome.

    Another thing, if I create a group names town and i set permissions in Residence for that group it says invalid group.

    Nothing what I'm trying is working. :(

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    You gotta use the world config: plugins/GroupManager/worlds/world
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    Still doesn't work.
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    Try bPermissions - it can even create files for you based on your installed plugins.
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    Thanks I'll try it right now.
    Could you tell me how this works?

    Nothing works for me. Could somebody please Teamviewer me and help??

    So, this are the points I still need. For the Permissions plugin, could anybody please help me with teamviewer for that? I gotta go for today, I will be back tomorrow. Please help me with these points D:.


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    permissionsex is the best to get in my personal opinion, its pretty easy to configure, you just follow the guide on the pex wiki and that should get you pretty trained up in the basics of what you want to do.
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    What do you need more help with? (just for clarification :3)
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    The permissions and nether Portal.

    I really would like bPermissions, but that doesn't seem to be working for me. Also GroupManager doesn't work =/. I think I'm doing something wrong but don't know what.

    And for Nether Portal, people can't light it with Flint&Steel. How can I make it so they can?

    Leave the permissions I've just purchased my 24/7 MC server it works im so happy omg including McMyAdmin has all the things i need also perms! THANKS EVERYBODY!!! :):):):):) You will see my server soon advertised somewhere :D

    1 question! How to give myself ALL permissions? I created a group called Owner in McMyAdmin what perms do i need to set for me to have everything possible?

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    For letting people to not see your plugins I think you can just use a negitive "- bukkit.command.plugins" node.

    - '*' node give you all permissions.
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