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    I need a plugin, where you can create buttons in a house for example, when you push them, an alarm sounds, like a typical red fire alarm button.

    When you push the button, a customed message appears in the chat.

    Any ideas?
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    Can't add custom sounds without Client modification. Try redstone and a jukebox :)
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    rsnor latch......timer curcuit (clock)
    .....|................... |

    rs nor latch nirmal is off so no output.
    if rsnor latch is active then the output will be the same als the clock.
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    Oh, ok then a plugin which shows a message like: An emergency has occured in the main building.
    So with a button which you can push to activate it.
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    Luxwilliam i am writing now 3 plugins after that i can make a plugin. (very simple)
    if sign get redstone power it will broadcast "An emergency has occurred " + 2de line of sign + 3de line of sign + 4de line of sign.

    (can take 1 − 2 weeks because i have no much time)
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    Ok, yes that would be great, but if there is already such a plugin existing, you can tell me.
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    That would definately be possible.
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    The building which we build is completely build of wood.
    So if someone would place a fire, and another would see It, he would just have to push the alarm button.
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    I can do this quickly, PM me.
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    i said already i do it and i have time now holliday is canceld :( beta version tomorow

    stated and almost done!

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    wow, you're fast, and sorry for your cancelled holidays.
    My holidays were also cancelled ;)
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    my holiday is canceled because my perends are 25 years togerher and we have a party. and i love to program in java so thank you for the idee for this plugin. coding is almost done.

    Alpha Build!
    How it works:
    Place a sign:
    on the first line you write [Alarm]
    on the 2,3,4 line you write your text.

    (the plugin convert the text to: "An emergency has occurred "+ line2 + line3 + line4)
    Between the string An emergency has occurred an line2 is a blank.
    but between line2 line3 and line4 there are no blank. you have to write them on the sign.
    Why have i done this. because on my server there are people with Very long names that doesn't fit on 1 line.

    if the sign isn't long enough to write your text on you can manually edit it in the data file. ({server folder}/plugins/AlarmPlugin/data)

    * Fix that sometimes the message is shown double.
    * Config so you can set the default Start String.
    * Add permissions so not everyone can place them and spam the server. Now every one can place them.
    * Add only creator can destroy the sign.
    * may more.

    and the download link:

    ihope this is what you needed. if it is can uou plz give me a like?

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    One little suggestion: I can't change the message which appaears when I push the button, oh you also forgot to say that we have to place a button next to the sign.

    Another Problem:
    Between the lines of the sign there is no space

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    Between the sign lines is no space:
    I know i have done that because on my server players have extreemly long names and i use it to protect houses. In next releases (beta) i gonna add a config were you can edit this.

    I cant change the message whitch appears:
    To do this you need to stop your server. And if it is offline you can edit it.
    (it recreate the file on stop so when you eddit it when the server is online it dont do anything)

    I may gonna add a future that when you look at a sign and you do A command like /AlarmSign message "your message" to edit the message.

    The sign text will only been read on sign create after create it will ignore changes. (sign changer may work if it is registred as a SignEditEvent)

    Button next to it:
    I dont know of bukkit have imported it?? // have a function for this
    May if you place the sign on the back of the wall?.?

    I gonna look at it and dont forget "I Love Coding"
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    Ok, I'll try, thanks
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    The folder is empty!
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    do you get an error??
    i gonna check why this happend
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    Ok, I'm on holiday until friday, so I can't check it now, I'll tell you then.
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    No, I don't get any error, the folder is just empty.
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    i tested it on multiple servers and i get a config!

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