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    ThumbsApply - The Auto-Application Plugin:
    Version: v3.1.2
    Tested Builds: #2034 (1.2.3-R0.1)

    ThumbsApply is a plugin, that makes life for admins a lot easier. You can not only auto-promote your server guests by letting them enter a password, hidden in the rules or by setting a certain time they have to be online.
    You can also Mute your Guests and show them a special Message on joining the server if you want. This Plugin supports Permissions 3.x, GroupManager, PermissionsEx, bPermissions and PermissionsBukkit.

    Bukkit Dev Page (Updates slower due to file approval): Click here

    by Todkommt

    * Auto-promote Guests on your server
    * Mute guests
    * Show guests a special MotD
    * Fully customizable player messages
    * Supports per world promotion
    * Supports most common permissions plugins
    * Modular structure, you can download only the modules that you need
    * Promotion through password or after a certain time
    * Logs all promotions

    I put a lot of effort and time into this plugin, in which I don't get paid. If you enjoy this plugin, feel free to donate here if you want. The money will be directly referred to my minecraft server.


    * apply: | usage: /apply <password> | description: Promotes the player if the password is correct.
    * apply: | usage: /apply timeleft (if you have a group with MethodTimedPromotion) | description: Returns you the time left until promotion.


    * ThumbsApply.NotGuest: give it to your groups with building rights (required).
    * group.<groupname>: give the permission to every group, replace groupname with the name of the group you are giving the permission to. This is to handle group management in permissions plugins that don't support that natively.


    Here is a default Config with all entries explained:

    options: <-----General Options
    chatBlockEnabled: false <------Block Guests from chatting?
    joinMessageEnabled: true <-------Enable an extra join message for guests?
    tickDelay: 60000 <-------The delay between two ticks (higher is performance friendlier, but less accurate)
    blockPasswordInChat: true <-------Block the usage of the password in the chat (by both guests and players)?
    groups: <------Group configuration
    User: default <-----Any group below Users gets promoted to User after entering the password "default"
    Mod: '%1000' <------Any group below Mod gets promoted to Mod after being online for 1000 minutes


    3.0+ variables:
    * {player} outputs the player name
    * {group} outputs the group name
    * {password} outputs the password (only available with password promotion)
    * {time} outputs the time left until promotion (only available with timed promotion)

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    v2.1 or later:
    Just edit the file "localization.yml" made in /plugins/ThumbsApply/localization to your likes. DO NOT remove any single quotes. The $0 in JOIN_MESSAGE_PASSWORD and JOIN_MESSAGE_TIME represents the player name, the $1 in JOIN_MESSAGE_TIME represents the time the player has left until he gets promoted. The $0 in TIME_TO_GO_CHAT represents the time the player has left until he gets promoted.

    v2.4 or later:
    The Localization supports the standard Minecraft color codes as well as the following variables:
    * {player} outputs the player name
    * Temporarily removed: {timeleft} outputs the time left until promotion


    Multi-Permissions Version:
    <Edit by Moderator: Redacted bit url>

    Modules (for v3.x):
    * ModuleTimedPromotion

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    Version 2.5.2:
    Multi-Permissions Version:
    Download | Source
    CraftBukkit 1240+:
    Permissions Version:
    Download | Source
    PermissionsEx Version:
    Download | Source
    Superperms/PermissionsBukkit Version:
    Download | Source

    Permissions Version:
    Download | Source
    PermissionsEx Version:
    Download | Source
    Superperms/PermissionsBukkit Version:
    Download | Source
    GroupManager Version:
    Download | Source

    * Localization Files
    * Timed Promotion
    * Your requested features

    Feel free to suggest new features, or send in bug reports.

    Servers that use this plugin (feel free to post you server in the thread so i can add it):


    Version 3.1.2
    * Final fix for localizations (haha, saying that since 4 versions)

    Version 3.1.1b
    * Minor fix for localizations (again >.<)

    Version 3.1.1a
    * Minor fix for localizations
    * Fix for join messages

    Version 3.1.1
    * Minor fix for localizations

    Version 3.1
    * Localizations now work
    * Added command to see the time remaining until promotion
    * Added log file

    Version 3.0.3
    * Declared as public release
    * Added save files for ModuleTimedPromotion
    * Added option to hide password in chat

    Version 3.0.1 beta
    * Added generated group defaults.
    * Added error message when no groups are present (to prevent that ugly NullPointer)

    Version 3.0 beta
    * Revisited the code, rewrote the main class from scratch
    * Modular version of the plugin.
    * Save of time for promotion not implemented yet
    * Relatively stable, but please give me feedback on any bugs.

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    Version 2.5.2
    * GroupManager now supports per world promotion.

    Version 2.5.1
    * Added bPermissions support.

    Version 2.5
    * Temporarily removed the {timeleft} and {togroup} localization vars due to bugs
    * Added per world group support (doesn't work with PermissionsBukkit or GroupManager)
    * Added debug mode to give more information on errors

    Version 2.4.2-2.4.4
    * Serveral small technical fixes. Check the BukkitDev page for more information.

    Version 2.4.1
    * Added Configuration reload command

    Version 2.4
    * Redid the localization variable system. More info in the Localization section.

    Version 2.3

    * Added thread restart command to debug the plugin
    * Added message with time until promotion when a player chats with chatblock and timedPromotion enabled

    Version 2.2

    * Added timed promotion

    Version 2.1

    * Added Localization
    * FIX: 2 Checks on command execution were missing

    Version 2.0

    * Updated for CB1597 (1.0.1-R1)
    * Complete Revamp of the plugin, removed serveral unnessessary features and completely rewrote the code to make it more extendable
    * Multi-Permissions Version for all common permission plugins

    Show Spoiler
    Version 1.5
    * Updated for CraftBukkit 1337
    * Combined all single version to one jar (without GroupManager by now)

    Version 1.4

    * Added GroupManager support
    * Added an option to promote users after a certain time (doesn't work with Doublegroups)

    Version 1.3

    * Added Support for multiple group promoting (depending on the entered password)

    Version 1.2

    * Added localization files
    * Added option for custom command (you have to delete the old config to get the new option)

    Version 1.1.1

    * Fixed a code mistake, that made the chatblockenabled option useless (only Permissions and Superperms Version)
    * Wrote permission node down in the plugin.yml

    Version 1.1

    * Adding PermissionsEx Support
    * Changing to check per Permission node (fix for the problems with Bukkit #1091+)

    Version 1.0

    * Releasing ThumbsApply
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    its not working right now (as you can propably see from the comments above), but i dont have time right now to fix it. i need to get a lot of stuff to work right now...
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    Here's a big chunk that I posted as a plugin request... Maybe you could look over some of these ideas?

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    Well Thats an awesome idea, but really don't have much time right now :/ Maybe ill do this Plugin in a few weeks or so.
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    Yeah, this idea is quite similar to the current plugin you have and if you added it, it would open up a whole new range of possibilities.
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    A nother request by me... sry xD

    Is it possible to make the Password "Blank" compatible? I'd like to have a multipart Passwort im my rules like for example "Creepers come from behind"
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    this is a bit complicated, but i will implement it as soon as i have time =)
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    Nathan C

    So if I want too add different time based promotion groups I just do this?

        groupnametarget: Builder
        command: apply
        password: standard
        timetopromote: 30
        groupnametarget: AdvancedBuilder
        command: apply
        password: standard
        timetopromote: 60
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    this is not implemented, since in this case everyone would be promoted to group1 and then he would be removed from the watched list that is used to get the time, so he wouldnt be promoted to group2. however i am going to make a plugin for this, just be patient im a bit busy right now =)
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    Nathan C

    Aight, sounds good.

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    Could you update to 1337 plz :D
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    Ich versuche gerade mehrere Variablen einzufügen und hab auch
    doublegroupsenabled: 'true'
    eingestellt aber alle Variablen außer der normalen funktionieren nicht.
    Im Spiel kommt immer Wrong password...
    Unterstüzt das Plugin kein cb1337?
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    aktuell leider nicht, da ich aktuell keine zeit habe das plugin zu updaten. ich muss noch eine homepage und 2 plugins bis in max einer woche fertig machen, deswegen komme ich leider nicht dazu.
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    sehr schade dann warte ich eben :) hoffe es wird auch iconomy supporten
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    I just released a experimental updated Version that also combines all the different Versions to only have one jar. It's not really tested yet, so be careful with it.
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    wann wirst du ungefähr dazu kommen es auf #1317 bzw. #1337 zu updaten, da ich keine lust habe meinen server mit einer experimentellen version aufzufüllen.

    achja noch eine frage, die nichts mit dem plugin zutun hat.
    wenn ich von CB #1317 auf #1337 update, muss ich auch alle plugins updaten?

    €dit: Ich kann den /command nicht ändern.
    Egal ob ich apply zu was anderes ändere... der Befehl wird ingame nicht anerkannt und die Änderungen der Localizationdatei wird nicht übernommen.
    Sprich, wenn ich es ins deutsche übersetze, geht es trotzdem nicht ingame.
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    is it normal that always Tick Nr.1, Tick Nr.2, Tick nr.3.....Tick Nr.50.... appear in the server.log every minute?
    Can I disable this? So I get a very big log file :/
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    Does this works for the old permissions 2.7?
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    its a bug. have to fix it some day.

    it should.
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    So... is it possible to make like 5 different groups and with different passwords the guest gets into different groups?
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    no, that would be more compicated than it sounds (at least if i dont wanna make the config to get really big). at the moment its just 2 groups.
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    Hmm, ok. It would be nice if you could fix this as soon as possible :D!
    Because my server.log is getting to big and then it will lagg ;)
    I really like your Plugin, so I can bind my players to read the server rules to get the required passwort :)
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    On the Permissionsbukkit version it demotes my players....
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    you have propably set it up wrong. you need to set groupnametarget to you group it should promote to.
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    Ik i did that but it demoted everyone randomly
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    Please could you make your plugin compatible with phoenix permissions (by YETI), THANKS A LOT .
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    XD omg upgrade to pex or something. lol

    Oooo I use PEX and so permissions are in reverse for me. Default (no build) already promoted. Then I move the nonguest perm to default then it works well. :D idk if that made sense XD

        groupnametarget: member
        password: thisisit
        groupnametarget: member
        command: apply
        password: thisisit
        timetopromote: 30
        chatblockenabled: 'false'
        applytype: password
        doublegroupsenabled: 'false'
        loginmessagenabled: 'true'
    That is my config and it sets the player who does /apply thisisit
    to a GA aka Game Admin :( not a member

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    how it workes if i want do promote some one from groupe"default" to groub"builder"
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    Can you please remove the "Tick Nr. #" console message. It is spamming my console. Thanks so much, I love this plugin!
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    Please update!!
    We need this!!

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