[ADMN/SEC] SpoutDemand 1.2 - Allow only Spout clients [1060]

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    SpoutDemand - Demand Spout:
    Version: v1.2

    This plugin will check if joining players has Spoutcraft enabled clients, and will kick them if they don't. There is a brief moment(default 20 ticks) before it does the check, so normal users will be online for that delay.

    Configurable kick messages will be displayed upon kick.
    Option to notify the player instead of kicking him.

    • Kick players without Spoutcraft
    • Configurable messages and delays
    • Permissions
    • Broadcast kick message to online players
    • Optional Notify Mode
    • spoutdemand.skip - Users with this permission node doesn't need Spout to play.
    Default Configuration(Auto) (open)

    #This is the configuration for SpoutDemand
    #kickMessage will be displayed to the player being kicked
    #broadcastMessage will be displayed to other online players
    #logMessage will be shown in the server log
    #kickTicks is the time it waits before potentially kicking, a value of 20 would have it wait for 1 second
    #Using colors in messages
    #To begin a color, put '§-' before the text,
    #where you replace '-' with the color number/letter you want
    #An example is in the default broadcastMessage and kickMessage
    #Created by Jesper "Survivalist" Hallenberg
        logmessage: '[SpoutDemand] Kicking user ''%player%'''
        broadcastmessage: '[§cSpoutDemand§f] Player ''%player%''  kicked'
        notifymode: false
        kickticks: 20
        notifymessage: '[§cSpoutDemand§f] This server depends on §bSpoutcraft§f, please
            consider using it!'
        kickmessage: '[§cSpoutDemand§f] This server demands §bSpoutcraft§f!'

    Download: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/37931191/SpoutDemand.jar


    Version 1.2
    • Added Notify Mode
    Version 1.1
    • Added configurable messages and ticks before potential kick
    • Source included in JAR
    • Added permissions
    Version 1.0
    • Released SpoutDemand
    • Consider potentially requested features
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    Love the idea, you could always add a configuration option for a message they see before being kicked, maybe a configurable kick delay.

    Could we possibly get source? :D
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    The source is really nothing to brag about, but I will look into adding config and possibly adding the source to the next version.
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    Cosmic Break

    so whats so different than setting forcespout = true in te spout plugin config?
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    Not sure. I wasn't aware of that option.

    Would adding permissions to not need Spout be something useful?
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    Spout has a option to forceplayerclient to have spoutcraft if they don't they will be kicked in x ticks.. and has a custom message in GUI when they got kicked..

    if you can support this in permissions, and colors in GUI Message when they got kicked.. this will be much useful than the Spout Forceplayer..
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    I'm working on 1.1, and config is done. Just need to do permissions now.

    Updated to 1.1
    Added config
    Added permissions

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    Hmm, could you also make it so that you can disable the kicks and notify the player instead?
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    Added Notify Mode in config.
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    is the message appear when you've been kicked? I mean.. where can you see the message? on the Chatbox or at the "Disconnected by server".. hard to explain..
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    The kicked player will see a message in the Disconnected by server screen. The example message contains some colors.
    Other online players will see a broadcast about the kick.
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    edited the title
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    Thank you, Plague.
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    ok.. i tried this.. I tried using a fresh minecraft and a normal user.. i tried connecting, it just notify me to download Spoutcraft but, I didn't get kicked from the server..
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    Notify mode only notifies the user, doesn't kick him. Put notifyMode to false if you want a kick.
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    So hmm, with this we'd be able to have Multi-Items and MoCreatures in Spout clients, right?

    This opens such a world of possibilities its not even funny...
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    Well I'm not sure what you mean.. This plugin only keeps people without Spout away, or tells them to get Spout.
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    ok but better to make plugin that downloading or auto update to the client: Spout or BukkitContrib
    then everybody will use Spout
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    A plugin that downloads Spout on the client? I don't think that's possible.
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    Ross Gosling



    -in the config could you set up loads of messages for not having spout and setup how many ticks after they join each one will be set off

    -imobilise players til they leave and get spout option
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    Just a perfect idea. Now my visitors can visite my server, but my citizens must have the SpoutClient. That was very useful, thanks a lot!
    And this is nice too! Maybe not the question for this plugin, but it'll be usefull too (if it's possible ofc).
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    I could make a option to keep sending the same message every x ticks, please reply and tell me what you think.
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    Ross Gosling

    yeah that would be useful and could it be possible to kick after a certain amount of time aswell?
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    You could use the kickTicks to delay the whole check, and thus the kick.
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    How about MultiWorld support. So if a player enters a world that requires Spout and they are not using it they are removed from the world or kicked from the server. Would be good for when custom blocks become a reality.
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    I'm testing this on my server and it's still kicking everyone even when using SpoutCraft
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    Spout plugin is outdated or something, wait for an update.
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    Can u add.. They will be kicked if they're not using the Latest Spoutcraft?
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    I second this! This is Must DO!
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    I will take a look at requests tomorrow, I had a busy day today.

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