[ADMN/SEC] PlayerFreeze v1.3 - Let admins freeze bad people [1.0.1-R1]

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    PlayerFreeze - Freezing bad people:
    Version: 1.3

    This plugins is based on the (inactive) WarnFreeze, created by Queepo.

    PlayerFreeze allows admins to freeze specific players - making then unable to move. It's specially useful to catch rule-breakers attention, when they are griefing, flying, etc.

    It may also be used as a method of punishment, like a jail.

    The plugin also allow admins to warn players. Warn also freezes the player, but he will be free as soon as he type /acknowledge.

    It differs from WarnFreeze by the addition of new features like:
    • You may type only the first letters of the name of the player you want to freeze or warn. (only if it matches only one player)
    • Frozen players won't be abble to destroy or place blocks
    • Does not depend on Permissions plugin. Works with Permissions or with the default OP system.
    • Repeat the warn message to players who logoff/login.
    • /warn (playername | all) [message] | Warns the specified player or all.
    • /warn list | Get a list of warned players.
    • /freeze (playername | all) [message] | Freeze's a player or all
    • /freeze list | Get a list of frozen players.
    • /unwarn (playername | all) | Frees a player (or all players) from a warning.
    • /unfreeze (playername | all) | Frees a player (or all players) from a freeze.
    • /acknowledge | Allows the users to free themselves if warned.
    • "playerfreeze.warn" Allows warning and unwarning of individual players.
    • "playerfreeze.warnall" Allows warning and unwarning of everyone on the server.
    • "playerfreeze.freeze" Allows freezing and unfreezing of individual players.
    • "playerfreeze.freezeall" Allows freezing and unfreezing of everyone on the server.
    If you don't have a permissions systems installed, all commands will be OP only.

    Download on BukkitDev plugin page

    Version 1.3
    • Update do 1.0.1 R1
    • Implemented unfreeze offline player
    • All the strings are now in configuration file, to enables localization

    Version 1.2
    • Update to CB 1337
    • Bug fixes
    Version 1.1
    • Bug fixes
    Version 1.0
    • Initial release.
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    Download link is broken :)
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    Working now. My server were down.
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    Np ;). I need the plugin so i can get some attention :-9
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    This plugin reminds me of HeroRebuke.
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    /unfreeze all is fucked.
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    unfreeze all doesn't work. will this be fixed ?
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    freezeing also spams you with nocheat errors.
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    dose it make a config thing or is mine messed up i mean they still work but i dont have a folder for it
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    Released v1.2 on BukkitDev, updating to CB1337 and fixing the known bugs.

    @Adrondriel ,
    Can you check if it's still spamming errors, and tell me the message it spams?
    Maybe you have allow-flight disabled in server-properties. In this case, freezing a playing in the air can be problem's cause.

    @Leonheart96 ,
    This plugins doesn't create config files at all.

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    Please with Config the Language :(
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    Thank you i need to know if i did it right =]
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    i'm from Germany please make Config for change the Language
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    Great idea thanks for picking it up!

    Request: timed freeze (for jail)
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    Nice plugin ! Could you add a "/freeze #near" feature ? So that I can freeze the players near me (~30 blocks)
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    i had a server where i downloaded this
    and to test it i freezed everyone but
    after that i wanted to unfreeze
    but it didnt work!
    now i started a new one...
    so is unfreeze fixed?
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    Unfreeze all is working properly now.
    In case of emergency you can always type /reload in console.
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    Version 1.3 on BukkitDev now.
    - Update do 1.0.1 R1
    - Implemented unfreeze offline player (with partial name match)
    - All the strings are now in configuration file, to enables localization

    If you edit the strings for any language and want it bundled with the next versions, send it to me!

    To-do for the next versions:
    - timed freeze (@Themosey suggestion)
    - freeze near (@blobinet suggestion)
    - plugins usage logging.
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    Does this keep people from tping? and using other commands
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    Frozen/Warned people cannot TP or use other commands that change location (/spawn, /home, /mvtp, etc).
    The cannot break or place blocks, but are still able to chat and use command that doesnt change location.
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    hi, how can I transate it?
    I tried with the config.yml but it turns it to english again when I start the server
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    Hey can you update this please?

    Edit: Nvm it actually WORKS on 1.1-R4!
    I went to the bukkit dev page and got the one for 1.1-r1
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    Long time no see andersonhc. You will notice that this thread has now been placed into the Inactive Plugin subforum.
    If you wish to revive this plugin, please ensure that you update and test compatibility with the latest recommended Bukkit build before reporting your original post, asking for it to be moved back to the release forum.

    Thanks for your time.

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