[ADMN/SEC] GrieferNotifier v1.2 - Find, punish, and stop those who grief [1317]

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    Updates: 9/4/11 - Well, spent all of last night (till 4:00 AM... no joke.) working on a new update, got some requests and I'm going to release this in a week or two as GN 2.0. So watch out for that. It will have fire, lava, TNT protection, maybe placement requesting, probably after 2.0 as I'll have to do a little more research on that one, and Bedrock removal. :)

    GrieferNotifier will tell you when someone has placed TNT! Find out who is that sneaky griefer as when the TNT is placed, it will damage the placer, and broadcast the griefer to the whole server! You can even stop the placement altogether!

    * /guard commands to turn the notifier on and off (SEE SPOILER). These commands are for ops only, no permissions!
    * On TNT placement, displays message to griefer to stop, in console, and broadcasts to all players, plus many more features! (See spoiler!)

    Show Spoiler
    /guard all - Turns on all available settings for GrieferNotifier (Notification, Kick-on-Place, and No TNT Placement)
    /guard none - Turns off all available settings.
    /guard on - Turns on the notifier (Notifier includes when player places TNT, it damages them too.)
    /guard off - Turns off the notifier.
    /guard tnt on - Disallows TNT placement.
    /guard tnt off - Allows TNT placement.
    /guard kick on - On TNT placement, automatically kicks player and displays message.
    /guard kick off - Turns off the kick feature.

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    Source Code (Coming Soon)

    * Maybe put a command to delete TNT on place? (In v1.1+)
    * Automatic kick command on TNT placing? (In v1.2+)
    * Lava guard and CREEPER GUARD WOOT! (In v1.3+ [COMING SOON])

    Known Issues:
    * Please report any known issues!

    Version 1.2
    * Added many more commands as well as automatic "kick-on-place" command.

    Version 1.1
    * Added feature to disable TNT placement altogether.

    Version 1.0
    * Initial Release

    Q: Why use mediafire? Why not dropbox?
    A: For me, I like to see the number of downloads I get so I know how many people are using and enjoying my plugin.
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    Why not just cancel the BlockPlaceEvent when the block is TNT?

    GitHub is nice in that it allows you to host your source code, downloads and see the number of downloads that have taken place.
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    But sometimes people want to make some creations with TNT, like fireworks, and cannons. So I made it so you can enable and disable it, so after you make your creations, just do /guard to prevent any griefing.

    Also, this lets you know who is the one placing TNT, so you know the attempted griefer before he tries to blow up more stuff.
    But I think most people would want no TNT whatsoever, so I could incorporate both concepts into the plugin.

    Just asking, how do you make a poll after posting the original post?

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    Added the optional /tnt on and off command to enable tnt placement.
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    Sorry for the delay in submission approvals, I've been away for a while.
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    Or you could just get worldguard.....
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    For some people's servers, WorldGuard may conflict with other plugin's commands, and not everyone wants all of WorldGuard's features. Yeah, WorldGuard is more protective with guarding lava and flint and steel, and I'm not saying it's a bad plugin, but I just have my reasons...
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    I disagree on the conflicts (I have WorldGuard working alongside 23 other plugins), but I guess its good to have a bare-bones version. Yet again though, you could just use a blacklist plugin, as there are very basic ones out there.

    Sorry, but I'm just trying to find out how this plugin is needed.

    <<EDIT>> Keep in mind that plugin authors accept WorldGuard as a standard plugin for most servers, and know not to make their plugins conflict with it.
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    Nice work! keep it up definitly gonna use it!
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    I think it is good but you could do this to lava, water, and other equipment Greifer was blocked :)
    good work
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    how do you unkick people becase someone griefed my server :(
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    If you just kicked people, they have the ability to join again by themselves... there is no 'unkick'.. :p
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    Great Pugin maybe it can be possible for futur updates that you can also get kick for placing lava too?
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    Yup, shouldn't be that hard! Working on it :)
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    Can u make it have option to give permission to put tnt and lava?
    And can u make it remove bedrock too?
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    Good idea, didn't think of that one. I actually spent all of last night working on a big update... I'll probably add this in and make it GN 2.0!
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    Hey guys, big update.. so it'll be out in about a week or two.. :)
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    Hey just wondering is there a OP or Admin overlook so that when an op places tnt they dont get kicked but when a non OP player places tnt they do?
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    Hmm... not as of now.. but I will probably add that to a future update... nice idea.
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    Can You Please make it so when you stop the server. the start it again. that the /guard all command always stays on/enabled. because wen i start my server each time, i have to do /guard all to enable it every time. This would help alot! THANKS!

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    sure, i'm working on most of my plugins tonight, should be able to get around to it.
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