[ADMN/SEC/ECON] BananaRegion v3.2 - simple predefined region renting [1060]

Discussion in 'Inactive/Unsupported Plugins' started by codename_B, Jul 7, 2011.

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    I can add the chest-access flag. That's not the big problem. Can you have water-buckets bypass WG though?
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    Can you see if you can use worldguards api to ignore it, or could you maybe add more to your api so that I can put in some code myself to allow ur banana regions? I need you to add to your api, if the location player is in is protectedfrom him... if I have that I can add it to worldguard so when it checks for "if player canbuild" it could check or if location is not protected from player alow futher actions etc... sorry for bad grammer I typed this on my phne in the car.
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    You'll need to edit my source yourself if you're wanting to do that - basically it's just a matter of detecting if WorldGuard (or any other plugin) cancels the event, and allowing it if they do.

    They're both caused by the exact same thing.

    I don't understand exactly what you're asking me to put into my API - all I provide is a way to check if a block is protected or not...
    Also - I've updated it to try and overcome WorldGuard. Beyond this - the only thing I can do is tap into the WorldGuard API and change the build flag for the region that the block is in to "true" then change it back to "false" after the click, same for chest-access. That's going to be fun and disk intensive...

    Update to v3.0 - I've added MONITOR priority listeners for PlayerBucketEmpty and PlayerBucketFill - if this doesn't work I suggest you stop using my plugin, as there's absolutely no way for me to make it do what you want it to do.

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    hello. i would like to ask some questions. i do not know if they have been asked before.
    1) when you rent are you able to dig all the way to bedrock?
    2) if i have world guard on the whole map or something similar and use this will it still work?
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    hey codename_B can you make it so a economy plugin isnt required if you set the rent to 0. Cause our server doesnt have a economy plugin we just want a simple protection plugin and it would be nice if it were this one.
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    Everything is working great! THANKS!

    One thing I noticed though, paintings aren't working yet, is there someway you can overcome worldguard for that to? THAT WOULD BE AWESOME! :D Please and Thankyou
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    Good news! I just added MySQL to ALL my plugins! BananaMapRender now stores images in mysql tables!
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    do you know if there is a plugin that lets u protect the whole world except for the place u have used banana region
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    I had a piece of land set to 0 cost. I came back online and found someone else had bought it. Does it have to be set to 1 and up in order for the land to stay rented?

    Also, this plugin isn't compatible with BigBrother. When placing the log to check the missing block, it keeps the log placed and doesn't return it.

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    Really? Because this has potential.

    It's a shame you are lackadaisical. :rolleyes:
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    Really? I have tried my best to fulfil your support requests, but now you two are contradicting yourself. It's not even like you're paying for this service so think twice before insulting someone who provides something for free for you.

    I am ovveriding worldguard block placement cancellation. This means I am ovveriding ALL other plugins block placement cancellation. There is NO way around this - there is NO way to check what plugins cancelled the block placement.

    Do you understand? Why do you even need big brother in a BananaRegion anyway?!

    What exactly strikes you as lackadaisical? The fact I can't do the impossible?
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    my players that have names to long, the rent doesn't work for them, any ideas on how to correct this?
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    is there a way that i can just let people rent these places and not be able to build anywhere else in my world
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    A fix for this is being worked on at my #1 priority.
    Yes. Using permissions anti-build or any other anti-build plugin should accomplish this.

    Actually what I need is this:
    • the players name
    • how the players name appears on the sign

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    How on earth do i get it to work? isent there a .jar file or something?
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    GravesTheJuggalo Sign shows GravesTheJugg
    Another player's name is Petergriffin56 sign shows Petergriffin5
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    Hi, thanks for your help! That's perfect.
    Any players who's names are 12 characters or over will have to re-rent the signs, but other than that no breaking will occur.
    I've just uploaded your fix :)
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    how does it work because they were unable to re-rent it?

    What happens is they can rent the region but as soon as the server reboots it is protected again.

    Possible add a clause in there to use partial naming like essentials does?
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    You didn't redownload did you? I fixed the naming bug.

    Do you understand what I mean by re-rent? You /unrent the region first.
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    I downloaded the updated version, removed old from server added new and started the server. I unrented the region payed the player the amount needed, had them re-rent the region. to test I rebooted the server and it doesn't work.
    The region works great until I reboot, since I have rolling reboots every ~4 hours.

    What am I doing wrong?
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    No idea - reboots don't affect anything on my end. You need to give me more information - like the players names and how they appear on signs now.
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    This Plugin ist just what i needed. You sir, win 10000 internets :)

    I have 1 Suggestion:

    The 4th Line of the Sign could be used for Height & dephts, because at the moment people could just build really high buildings on their region (or am i just blind and you already implemented something like that).

    1. bananaregion
    2. FOR RENT
    3. 50
    4. h:10 d:5

    so they can only build 10blocks up, and 1 block deep in that region :)

    That would be really f*cking sweet!
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    And where do you suggest that the date be kept then?
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    I have no idea, maybe like some warp plugins do it... a bananaregion.db file or something. But that would mean you have to give each Region a id or whatver.. i have no idea about plugin programming.. was just suggesting :)
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    Yeah - but that would mean that BananaRegion - the ONLY region plugin with no databases - would have databases. I stand firm on my no databases thing - think again with a different idea. Also - I don't protect the Y coordinate - I only check X and Z (so its auto from bedrock to sky) - if people are breaking your "server rules" and building too tall - just ban them.
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    Alright, too bad.

    I just like to remove reasons that get ppl warned / banned :)

    Thanks for the quick reply though!
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    couple of questions:

    1. can you set flags urself in the region, like i noticed it said it made the region fireproof, can you turn that kind of stuff on and off for expample.

    2. can i define the corners of the lots and towns myself.

    3. can i change the area surrounding the lot from being a fence to being cake. i want my lots surrounded by cake :D.

    4. can i restrict people that arent admin from creating towns/lots.

    5. can i make it so people can destroy their own protective fence if so desired.
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    1. no, sorry.
    2. there are no towns, only lots.
    3. I could do you a custom build with cake instead of fences if you really desperately wanted, it's not much to change.
    4. that restriction already exists
    5. no - the only way that the lot exists is by that fence
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    well, if you can make me a custom build without any flags set, like, dont restrict fire and that stuff, so thats its all vanilla, i would be very happy to use this in my server. if its to much then ok, nvm.

    oh and also, can i restrict the number of lots people have? and also what happens if i set the price to 0?
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    The reason I restrict fire is if the fences/signs burn down the regions are broken - there are no databases you see. Why would you want them to burn down? It'd just be a lot of hassle to keep fixing them over and over and over.

    You can restrict the number of lots by simple economics - don't make them cost "0" and then people won't buy a million of them. If most people on your server earn about 4k cash a week - make them cost 2k cash a week - that sort of idea
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