[ADMN/SEC] BlockControl 1.4 - Log blocks, disable blocks and more [1000]

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    This is a plugin where you can log blocks, disable blocks and more!
    Default config
    Broadcast-values are true if you want to broadcast the event to the server.
    log-values are if to log event to console.
    cancel-logged-blocks-placing are if you want to cancel if a player (Except the ones with permissions)
    places a logged block.
    NOTE: use-permissions dosnt work yet. Fixing in next update. It will use permissions if u got it or not. If u not got it, disable plugin, and wait for update!
    log-placing-blocks are where the logged blocks are. separated with ","​
    Permission nodes:
    Ask me to add things!​
    ~~ redpois0n​

  2. @codename_B please don't troll, please don't troll, please don't troll
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  4. ignore me, it was something else on the forums. great job!
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    Ok thanks =)
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    Need some help implementing permissions?
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    No thank you :p
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    could you make it so we can disable the lava bucket??
    i build almost all of my houses in wood, and it kinda sucks to have it burn down :/
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    Working on it! Should not take so long! :D I guess 20 min...

    Done! Download it in main post...

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    tnx!, this is a great and very usefull plugin :D
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    Thank you to! :D
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    I am working on PlayerControl, a thing where u can log players.
  13. Could you implement rollbacks for specific players over a given time & area (including forever & everywhere)? I've been desperate to find a half-decent logging & rollback plugin that I don't have to set up a separate SQL server to use.
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    Lol i think thats to hard for me. maybe i can?
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    there is already a plugin of this variety its called block block you are stealing a copy righted idea!
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    aye foo u fuccking stole this, its called blockblock!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  17. BlockBlock just blocks certain blocks from being placed. That's not a complicated idea and it's certainly not patentable or copyrightable. There are a multitude of plugins that do the same thing, some older than blockblock, some younger than blockblock. It's not exactly a new concept.

    Shame, I'm looking for a replacement for BigBrother :\ And the problem with most of thereplacement plugins is that they require a separate SQL server to be run - which is quite frankly a pain in the arse.

    What's more annoying is people going round these plugins convincing the authors that having their plugin rely on a separate SQL server is a good thing, and making them unavailable to the vast majority of users and small server admins who aren't able to run an SQL server for whatever reason or to whom it would be unfeasible.
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    BigBrother is able to run completely without a SQL Server. :)
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    BigBrother is my favorite plugin :D

  21. I know, but it's being discontinued.
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    one thing you need to add is a new method of preventing placement of certain blocks. what im guessing this does is it looks to see if this person used block-place to create tnt, and then deletes the tnt. but that doesnt work if they place the tnt next to a redstone torch, because then the tnt goes off before its deleted and so it still explodes, allowing them to greif.
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    Sounds great this and big brother work great together! cause things tht big brother dont update this does and what this dont big brother does! hope u have a great time workin on this plugin and adding new updates!

    yeh but someone else continued it as it is still running fine with new updates

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    Ok so people can still place blocks it just notifies me. Why?
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    Could you add multiworld support? I don't want my users placing redstone on the creative world, but it's annoying for them when they can't use it on the survival world.
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    Redpois0n? Reminds me about iPhone jailbreaking :)
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    Hi , i want to try this on my server, but what im looking for, is just for admins to see broken blocks only. So if somehow a player damages a players house, i can get his cords of house, and see what player recently broke blocks in that area ( cords ). So, in a way i can see who greifed there house. Does this track block breaks, with cords/ area ? So we can backtrack ( a file ) ,when a user comes back to his house damaged and see who was last around there, breaking blocks? I am more interested to see who broke blocks, not placed. If it does this, i am going to add this right away! Thanks! : )~
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    BlockControl 1.2.5 ???
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    Thanks for your time.

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