Inactive [ADMN] RangeBans v1.03 - Ban IP ranges, regions, providers and even countries! [1.2.x]

Discussion in 'Inactive/Unsupported Plugins' started by hqSparx, Dec 30, 2011.

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    Sometimes there are no hostname provided, but its very rare case depending on how bukkit handles it (INetAddress).
    Are there problems with detecting other players hostnames?
    btw. you should /rb banhost pt, not *.pt (there are no need for wildcards there)
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    Yes, on the 5 players that were connected at the time, all from PT, everyone reconnected with success with the command "/rb banhost pt" issued.

    On the console I did not spot once the DNS name of the hostname :( Only the IP address.
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    seversk tomsk

    Отличный плагин. :)
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    Can you make a version for the 1.2.3 version?
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    as soon as the recommended build will be released
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    For CB-R0.1 (Beta)

    P.S.: I hope the author is not against. This is completely rebuilt from author the plugin no extra changes. Only rebuilt.

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    each player joins gives:
    warning, coudlnt loads blabla'ss ip , posibly conflicting plugins, using alternative method
    if its not a bug, can u make it stop showing the message, since it spams the log

    why not update in the meantime... the recommended build wont be any different...
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    Thanks, I didn't knew it was enough to just add 2 lines (we're on 1.1 still)

    It is actually a bug: one of your plugins is modyfing 'KickMessage' of LoginEvent, in which bukkit stores IP addresses. RB has to use JoinEvent instead.
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    Can anyone explain to me how I can only let Dutch players (players from the netherlands) get into my server?
    And ''ban'' all other countries?
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    Try "use-hostnames-as-whitelist: true" in plugins/RangeBans/config.yml and type:
    /rb banhost NL

    please note that not every IP provides hostname (depends on country): some players may have problems joining. If so, you can always add their nickname as exception
  11. Just to let you know, I'm working hard to make sure EasyBan gets updated, keep an eye on the EasyBan thread.
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    I think it helps.
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    How can I use a whiteline in the ban-msg?
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    Nope, its impossible to do that in kick messages :(
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    I love plugins such as yours and XAuth!
    Thank you so much!! It is frustrating to have to ban someone and have them come back the next day with their dynamic IP and a 1 on the end of their name >_<

    Whats worse is when people log in with admin names, thank god for Bukkit, eh?

    Ahh- I love this community.
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    Please expand on this project, it is very helpful!

    and thank you! without this plugin to my server no longer exists
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    I banned north korea! lol:)
  18. Can you make that /rb ip player works even if he is not online? Because sometimes players log out before i can check their ip and ban.

    Edit: One more thing. Could you add something like typing players ip and then you get list of players that played on that ip. I hope you understand what I mean :]

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