Inactive [ADMN] RangeBans v1.03 - Ban IP ranges, regions, providers and even countries! [1.2.x]

Discussion in 'Inactive/Unsupported Plugins' started by hqSparx, Dec 30, 2011.

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    Its not yet updated to 1.1, I can't tell if its working or not (using 1.0 on my server)
    It doesn't work with MySQL, it uses .txt files to store bans.
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    It's not good. I need it to works with MySQL to can integrate it with my web site.
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    If you let the ban whole countries,or ban all but selected,then this plugin would be useful.
    I am waiting.
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    Can't you just make a country whitelist??? There are already plugins that shows the country on login, why not ban countries?
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    Its not working .... /rb ban 123.123.* not works works ... :S
  6. Hey :D nice plugin !!
    I have banned some ranges succesfully, but some doesnt works:

    Can you please fix that?
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    I'll look into it next week, for some reason I cant update to 1.1 yet
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    CONSOLE: CONSOLE banned IP range:

    RangeBans: Detected ip: Guten MORGEN!

    CONSOLE: ?7Player Giuseppe1990( was kicked by RangeBans.

    CONSOLE: Disconnecting user CraftPlayer{name=Giuseppe1990} due to KICK_OTHER

    CONSOLE: Disconnecting Giuseppe1990 [/]: ?cSorry, your IP range is banned from this server.

    CONSOLE: Unbanning IP range:

    CONSOLE: CONSOLE unbanned IP range:

    CONSOLE: CONSOLE banned IP range: 188.99.*.*

    RangeBans: Detected ip:

    CONSOLE: Giuseppe1990 has logged in.

    CONSOLE: connect from ip

    Server: Welcome back, Giuseppe1990

    CONSOLE->Giuseppe1990: Hey there, Giuseppe1990!

    CONSOLE->Giuseppe1990: Welcome to Minecraft Destiny Mine

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    Have u tried disabling admincmd.player.bypass permission?
    I looked into it's code and that may cause users to avoid any other ban plugins

    btw. We started publishing our code @ Gitorious, so you can see progress here:
    --moved to github--

    we actually are working on permissions; list of bans and list of exceptions already done
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    How can you ban hostnames? :3
    Basically, I want to ban people who use VPN services from trying to change their IP.
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    `can't you just make a world whitelist? Allow a country for a server?
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    planned for next release
    will just add hostname banning and 'use as whitelist' option

    Version 1.0
    • Permissions!
    • Feature to ban hostnames (ex. countries, providers - easier)
    • Added config option to use hostname bans as whitelist (ex. only whitelisted countries can join)
    • Updated to 1.1-R3, still compatible backwards
    • General code tweaks
    Still needs some testing, please tell me if you will find any bugs.

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    Version 1.01
    • fixes critical bug with wrong IP parsing
    Now all the bans should just work fine
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    Would be much better if you would make a video of your amazing plugin
  16. Now, if I ban my IP-Range, I can even join with my name, and cant join with other names. I think its because before I tried /ban Black_ixx and so I can join everytime
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    probably you are using something like a bypass (other ban plugin?) which prevents administrators from being banned
  18. ok that could be and thats not bad because administators dont will be banned. And if they would grief, I could rank them down to a normal user.
  19. Hi :D
    I have a little request:

    here is the example for it:

    On my server is player Hugo. He is good and nice and built great things.
    But his brother is griefing, spamming and flaming all the time. So I had to
    make /rb ban <his ip range>. Now my REQ:

    Could you make that special names can join, if their Ip is banned.

    So I could add Hugo on this list, and he can join and login with his password, but
    his bad brother cant join.

    I hope you will think about it :D

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    its already done, try /rb exception Hugo
  21. oh thats great :D
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    RangeBans v1.02
    • performance tweaks
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    Can you make it ban hostnames as wildcards? :3
    For example, if I want to ban anyhost with the name VPN, comcast, att, ect.
    People with VPNs can login using the same provider, but each IP has it's own hostname.
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    If the hostname is for ex. ""
    you can just /rb banhost
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    Hi there!

    This plugin looks promissing, now that EasyBan it not updated anymore, I think that you should cover the strong points of that awesome plugin by whoami.

    In my case, the most wanted feature sure is country ban. Or even better, whitelist countries. EasyBan did an awesome job by using the plugin GeoIPTools v0.2 to keep the IP list updated.

    Thanks for your hard work and hope to have your feedback.

    Best regards,
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    Thanks <3

    Feature to ban countries is already here, try /rb banhost [countrycode]
    and in config.yml theres an option to use these bans as whitelist
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    hqSparx can you please help me out.
    I am using RB to ban these nasty flooders from, with /rb banhost, but they stil lgot into the game and then kicked -> spammed console and spammed in-game chat.

    Is there any solution to this problem?
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    Could you send me log please?
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    Thanks for your feedback hqSparx.

    I tried to ban myself (country) with the following command as my hostname is "something".pt.
    /rb banhost *.pt

    But the plugin only "sees" the result IP and not the DNS host.

    2012-02-25 12:21:43 [INFO] Banning hostname: *.pt
    2012-02-25 12:21:43 [INFO] CONSOLE banned hostname: *.pt
    2012-02-25 12:22:00 [INFO] [RangeBans] PlayerX connected. Detected ip: XX.XXX.35.200 Detected hostname: XX.XXX.35.200
    2012-02-25 12:22:00 [INFO] PlayerX [/XX.XXX.35.200:1026] logged in with entity id 802 at ([Atlas] 412.28125, 64.0, 111.5625)
    The Whitelist option was disabled.

    Hope to hear from you soon.

    Best regards,

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