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    Manta Mob Control: By MishMash
    Version: 1.2.5

    My Website:


    This plugin was created to allow users to control which Mobs spawn and which do not. This will prevent any animal from spawning in all circumstances
    when you have set it to false in the text file. This plugin can also despawn all mobs that are set to disabled in all worlds. This Plugin Has Multi-World Support.

    Works on Releases:

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    - 1.2 (All Builds)
    - 1.1RB

    - 1337(1.8 RB)
    - 1597 (1.0.1 RB)
    - 1.1R1 (Snapshot)

    This is my first released plugin, can i please have some feedback on how it works, thanks :D!

    This mod provides being able to turn off Annoying Mobs like:

    Main Features:

    • Updated for 1.3!
    • Control which Mobs can spawn and which can't.
    • Despawn all disabled mobs across All worlds.
    • Multi-world support between main Worlds, Nether and the-end.
    • Cancels out all forms of mob-Spawning if a mob is disabled.#
    • Helps reduce lag as server is processing less mobs, especially when unecessary mobs such as Squid and Villagers are turned off.
    User Download: Download (Thanks for 45600 Downloads :D!) (For Bukkit Versions 1.3)

    Video setup tutorial: (Watch on Youtube)
    This is just a video showing you how the plugin works and what you need to do to get it to work.

    Mob Control v1.0 | Minecraft Bukkit Plugin | Tutorial & Setup

    you can change whether any of the Minecraft mods spawn or not.

    Setting Up:

    On first run, the plugin will create a text file with the properties in it, this will then allow you to change which mobs spawn and which dont in a format
    like this:

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    //MobControl - Settings
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    //Global Settings//

    //Peaceful Mobs//

    //Passive Mobs//

    //Tameable Mobs//

    //Agressive Mobs//

    //Other Mobs//

    if DespawnCurrentMobs is set to true, this will despawn any mobs that are Disabled that are already present in the world.

    This mod works across all worlds the server has.
    If you have any problems please tell me down here. Same goes for Bugs and glitches.
    Thanks MishMash.

    Change Log:

    Version 1.2.5:
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    + Updated to latest Bukkit build [1.2.5 R4]
    + Fixed Slime spawn Glitch.

    Version 1.2:
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    + Updated for 1.2 Using New Bukkit API
    + Added Ocelot Mob to the plugin - Ocelot spawning can now be controlled.
    + Added Iron Golem Mob to the plugin.

    Version 1.1.2:
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    + Fixed mob spawning bug for villagers and squid.
    + Fixed a glitch in the file which caused a value to be reverted to false.

    Version 1.1:
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    + Reformatted text file slightly. Making it easier for future updates, even if file layout changes, old settings will be kept.
    + Fixed a glitch with the spawning of Creepers.
    + Added a feature to turn off the login message for users.

    Version 1.0:
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    + Mob Spawning control for all Mobs in MC v1.0.
    + Despawn control for mobs currently in worlds.
    + Works across all worlds.

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    Deleted user

    Things to do to get this in the Plugin Releases section:
    1. Make A Bukkit-Dev page.
    2. Post a Changelog on the bottom of your original post.

    1. Pictures/Videos
    2. Make the download link Dropbox, so non-Bukkit user's can download your plugin.
    Nvm, you just did it xD.
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    Lol i have got a Bukkit-dev page, i forgot to link it xD!

    As for pics and videos, i wouldnt know what to put, it just gives you spawn control over all mobs in Minecraft.
    Thanks for the reply though :)!
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    Just one rb in title please
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    Oh ok, its because it works on both and i understand people still use Build 1337 but ill change it to the latest build.
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    Deleted user

    Now change it from [1597] to [1.0.1-R1].
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    Right... Can i pls have some feedback about the plugin itself rather than the format of my topic xD! (jk) i appreciate the help :p!
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    Deleted user

    It's really good in my opinion...but perhaps you could add a feature where you can control how much damage a mob can give a player, as well as what the mob drops when it's killed.
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    good idea! thanks, i will be adding that thankyou :p! Probs not today but at the weekend once the new bukkit comes out.
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    Thanks for the approval, this is my first released plugin, can i pls have some feedback on it :D?
    i will also be releasing some updates in a few days to allow for mob health control and Drop control.
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    multiworld support maybe?
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    It does have multiworld support? well atleast when i tested it it worked, although i haven't tried every scenario.

    raoulster: I can confirm that multiworld works as i have just ran some tests across 5 worlds and mob spawning prevention works on all. (5 worlds using Multiworld plugin)
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    Would love a new build support for 1.1 snapshot.

    It's just what i'm looking for !
    haven't been able to test it, I don't do tests on liveserver as there is always friends on >_<
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    Version 1.1 Released.

    New Features:
    + Reformatted text file slightly. Making it easier for future updates, even if file layout changes, old settings will be kept.
    + Fixed a glitch with the spawning of Creepers.
    + Added a feature to turn off the login message for users.

    Download link is the same. Users who update should delete the original file. Even though settings file is a different layout, there is no need to change it.

    @Imsochobo: This already works on 1.1, i first made it on 1.0.1 but i can confirm it works fine with the 1.1 Build.

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    Sorry, i thin
    sorry, i said that wrong, i meant to say is it possible to erm make it so thats its configurable for certain worlds?
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    Loving this mod so far, it's awesome! It's let me turn mobs back on for the players that like to hunt, but keep creepers off so no one's creations get destroyed. Thanks!!!
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    schuss: Thanks :D!
    raoulster: Im not great at java atm, im quite new, yes that is possible to do but i wouldn't know how to do it, all i would know how to do is something like:

    //Separate World Rules
    EnableWorld: Mspro
    DisableWorld: Main
    DisableWorld: proshock
    although having a full spawn rule set per world would be hard, all that would do would be to allow some worlds to be affected and others not to be.
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    Should i add features such as:

    CreeperExplode=false //Whether a Creeper actually explodes scenery
    CreeperDamage=true //Whether the Creeper can injure the player
    Would people be interested in those sorts of settings?
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    yes, would love settings like this, take block and explode scenery is basicly the main reasons why i want this plugin :p
    And wget get copy link address was source of my problems :D:D:D
    Downloaded on my pc and copied through ssh and everything worked :)

    I guess habits are bad :p as I see full file name in link I assumed it was good 2 go.
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    I am looking for these features:
    • Biome-specific spawns (such as blazes only spawning in desert biomes)
    • Chance to spawn (in relation to normal spawns)
    • Mob-value spawns (powered creepers, angry wolves, various sizes slimes/magma cubes)
    • Light level/time of day variables?
    I have a world that does not have Nether/End access and want to offer all mobs except Dragons (for obvious reasons). I am currently trying Mobs! plugin by coldandtired, but the configuration is difficult and documentation lacking (and so I cannot get it to work properly), so I am hoping someone like yourself might be able to pick up the ball here. Thanks!
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    I have started working on the updates i originally said, as for biome specific spawns ill have a look to see if i can work out a straight forward way to do it, otherwise it might be hard.
    Thanks for the feedback and suggestions though :p!
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    This will not prevent squid spawning for me. When it loads the config at the start of bukkit it references the other lines in the config file, and it seems to be removing the other creatures I set to false, but no matter the setting of squid it will revert the line to 'false' in the config file and squid will continue to spawn.
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    hmm i will look into it thanks for pointing this out, must have been an error in my coding.
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    limit mobs plz
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    Alrighty, im going to work on this plugin over the weekend adding some of the asked features. I have lately been busy working on my personal FPS project which is why i haven't been too active over here. I will probably release the update with the RB for 1.1 if it comes out soon.
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    How about "Real" multiworld support?
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    If I set SpawnEnderDragon to true, will it spawn in the mainland?
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    Professor_John: No it wont as it doesnt have a spawn in the main world, what this plugin does is simply gives you the power to stop mobs spawning at all. So when you go to the End, if its false then they wont spawn in the End, if its true, they will just spawn as normal in the End, they wont spawn in the mainland unless someone uses some command to spawn one in.
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    Oh, ok thanks!

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