[ADMN] [MNGT] Baskit: A Open Source bukkit server updater/backup/snapshot/management tool.

Discussion in 'Bukkit Tools' started by SteveMcGrath, Jun 18, 2011.

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    Baskit, the Bukkit Server Manager

    Baskit is an open source management tool for bukkit servers. Baskit is designed to handle most of the basic functions for minecraft/bukkit server administrators. Originally part of the Bukget package repository project, it was recently spun off into a sub-project and completely rewritten. Some of the functions include:
    • Backgrounding the server without any complexities.
    • Automating Backups for worlds.
    • Providing a safe way to roll back plugin or bukkit updates.
    • Provide a simple and effective way to script more complicated actions.
    • Handle downloading and installing the bukkit server
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    :3 nice.
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    Excellent, excellent! This deserves the bump. BTW, `console` sends me to BASH, not the Bukkit console. I'm on a Mac, though, so...
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