Inactive [ADMN/MISC]ReferGift v1.0.9 - Refer a friend & receive a gift![BROKEN] [1.4.6 - R0.3]

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    md_5 what was wrong with his post? I just noticed that you edited it.

    Nic2555 ill take a look into whats causing this again.
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    Every post which gets approved via the moderation queue is marked as edited.
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    Oh... ok. And thanks a lot TopGear93 :)

    md_5 When does my post will stop need to be approved before posting it ?
    thanks .

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    When I approve it, it stops all together after you have made 5 orso posts.
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    Im confused, do you just do random spot checks for bad language or something?
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    Nice Plugin!
    But where the recruited members stored?
    There is no database created or something!

    and please make translation easer like:
    getreferredby: ' %nicknme1 got referred by %nickname1 ' or similar
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    well maybe it could see if each player is legitmatley doing stuff at one time, so if one person is mining lots of blocks in a non-robotic way and the other one is also doing real stuff then it should allow but if one stays still for even a bit or acts weird it should not allow it
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    @RonanZero This thread is dead. Why reply to a month old message?
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    also wtf? that would be soooo overly complicated for such a small benefit. Scan their behavior?
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    i didnt realise that...
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    Please could you add new download,this doesnt work
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    If I'm not mistaken, I think this plugin is discontinued
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    Suggestion to make sure that they actually referred them:
    /referadd <name>

    That way, people won't just ask people to do /referedby <their name> so they get free stuff.
    Also, can you use "/referedby" after playing on the server for more than an hour?
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    Preety sure TopGear stopped developing this a few months ago.
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    gustebeast im going to rebuild refergift and start over. Some how the plugin is becoming semi popular again.

    extremely sorry for necroing the thread. Im just announcing that ill officially start over.
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    Nice plugin
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    v1.0.8 - Semi rebuilt
    • Fixes all deprecations.
    • Fixes a couple silly command issues.
    • Removed chatting system till I get a proper one going.
    • started working on a new arraylist system.
    • works with 1.4.6 - R0.3 and above.
    Its' still basically the same as before. I just got it stable and running for the current craftbukkit build. When a new player joins it will ask if they were not referred or referred by someone. If that referrer is offline then the gift will save till player joins else they will get the gift instantly. You can gift money or use the switch and provide a physical gift. The chatting system is disabled. This might cause a small loophole issue that was discussed when this project first started. Ill work on that tomorrow.

    You are required to use vault, a permissions plugin and an iconomy type plugin. I need to work on catches that prevent errors when not using the right dependencies. Ive tested the plugin as best as I could and I believe its' error free till tomorrow. If you DO come across an error,NPE , etc please politely post what is occurring and ill do my best to correct it.
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    Glad to hear you are back TopGear93

    I have been using your plugin for a long time, and it has worked well for me, but this whole time I have always been wanting this feature because it would make the plugin that much better. Basically have a boolean that turns this feature on/off so players who dont like it dont have to deal with it. Heres my idea.

    /referredby <player> adds information to the storage system. "<player> referred <player>". This does not send any gifts or items to anyone, all it does it add that information to the storage system. Then there is another command, /refersend. When a player types this, it searches through the config file and tries to find a "<player> referred <player>" that pertains to the person who typed /refersend. When the person types /refersend it sends the gift to the same player who they specified with /referredby earlier. It would then need to add the player name to some sort of storage system so that they cant just type /refersend over and over. All other features would function in the same way.

    Heres an example. Joe123 joins the server. He types '/referredby carlotta1'. Then in the storage this shows up, "Joe123 referred carlotta1". Nothing gets sent to carlotta1. Then, when Joe123 is some higher rank and he has the permission refergift.refersend, he types /refersend. Then Joe's name is added to a "gift sent" storage system so he cant type the command again, and carlotta1 gets a gift sent to her. Simple.

    Also I wouldnt bother with the chat system. Worldguard has a flag for regions where you can flag chat-recieve and chat-send to deny. So you could simply flag the area where they type the command with both of those to deny.
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    v1.0.9 - small update
    • Cleaned up plugin. file size is smaller
    • adds separate file for array lists only. Loads, saves, and fully understands the new file. file is called "lists.yml". its' located with the default config in the ReferGift folder.
    • Shutoff server and delete the old Refergift folder. Start server with v1.0.9 installed and the new file will generate. Why should you delete the other config? It just prevents errors.

    ReferGift is also on BukkitDev -

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    Thats perfectly okay, as long as it gets done sooner or later.
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    Thank you, this is just what I was looking for!
    I'll check it out ;D
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    Your welcome. If you have any issues, questions, or suggestions just send me a PM or leave a message on here.
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    Got another feature request.

    Player name completion for the /referredby command. Basically it helps players claim who referred them. Often times, players can remember the players name, but not the numbers at the end. For example, minecraftia7381. They know its minecraftia, but they forgot the last few digits. It would be nice if the person could type /referredby minecraftia. The plugin would search through the players folder in the world folder to check for a minecraftia.dat. If there is none it will recommend the closest option "Did you mean minecraftia7381?". This would make the system work better, but if its too hard to implement I understand.
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    wow you must of been reading my mind. I had this idea yesterday :p. Shouldn't be difficult at all.
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    Its' going to take a while longer for me to get the next version. I have no way to test one of the features because of NO OFFLINE MODE! mods are too thread lock happy around here. I tried asking for help but nope theres no support. Thread gets locked and I get ignored.
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    Could you explain what you mean by that?

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