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    version 3.2

    MineCoupon allow you to issue coupons. For each coupon, a code is generated that can be passed to one or more users. The user can simply enter the code and then the plugin executes the specified command.

    • Generate coupon codes for your users
    • Multible commands per coupon are possible
    • One code can be used multible by different users (defined at creation)
    • Coupons have an expire date
    • SQLite Support
    More Information and Download


    [​IMG] Download Recommended Build

    [​IMG] SourceCode on Github

    [​IMG] Wiki

    Issuse Tracker

    Details to MineCoupon

    Change Log
    - 15.04.2012: Release of MineCoupon (v1.0)
    - 15.04.2012: Add Function: Couponcodes can only be used once per user (v1.1) (request from user)
    - 15.04.2012: Add Function: %player% variable in commands (v1.2) (request from user)
    - 15.04.2012: Add Function: Multible commands per coupon (v1.3) (request from user)
    - 16.04.2012: Remove Bug: Commands are not executed by the console (v1.4)
    - 28.05.2012: Update for version 1.x (v2.0)
    - 19.10.2012: Update for version 1.3.2-R2.0 (v3.0)
    - 22.10.2012: Add Function: Coupons can be used multible by the same user (if allowed), InGame Updater, Changes in PluginMetrics Management (v3.1)
    - 24.10.2012 Add Function: SQLite support, Changes in MySQL Management (v3.2)
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    What version of Craftbukkit do you use? Please give me build number too.
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    1.2.5-R1.0 (Build #02149)
    thats it
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    Could I get a list of all your installed plugins? I wasn't able to reconstruct the error with only build 2149. I think the error is caused by an incompatibility of a plugin. I have to check this to get a solution.
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    Magic carpet uses that same command. Could you change it to /mcou or /mcoupon? Just anything but /mc and /mcc. Thanks!

    Or maybe /coupon?

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    I'm going to change it. The next update gets a new command. I think I will use /coupon.
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    Ok Thanks!
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    Thanks for sharing.[​IMG]
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    abandonned ? :/
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    A version with the command /coupon is downloadable here.
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    Instead of using a SQL, could you make it write to a file in the MineCoupon folder? I am having problems setting up MySQL. Thanks!
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    You Should Update this plugin for 1.4.5. Because I really want to use it but the newest Minecraft Version is 1.4.5 atm
    That Would Be awesome if you could Thanks!:)

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