[ADMN/MECH] SimpleArmor 1.4 - gives Armor repairs Armor [1337]

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    SimpleArmor - Get armor by command.
    Version: 1.4

    Features: Gives and repairs your armor by command.

    • /darmor: Gives diamond armor.
    • /garmor: Gives gold armor.
    • /iarmor: Gives iron armor.
    • /carmor: Gives chain armor (iron tools).
    • /larmor: Gives you leather armor (wood tools).
    • /repair: Repairs the tool in your hand.
    • /arepair: Repairs your armor.
    Download: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/23196879/SimpleArmor.jar

    Source: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/23196879/src.rar

    • simplearmor.diamond
    • simplearmor.chain
    • simplearmor.iron
    • simplearmor.gold
    • simplearmor.leather
    • simplearmor.repair
    • simplearmor.arepair

    • 1.4 - Added /arepair to repair armor.
    • 1.3 - Added server-log messages; added leather/wood armor
    • 1.2 - Added /repair (thanks to Daninator1); added Permissions-Support;
    • 1.1 - Changed command for diamond armor to /darmor; added gold armor, chain armor and iron armor, added messages
    • 1.0 - First release

    • Nothing
    • Suggestions please.
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    I never made a version of my plugin with a "oid" command. I guess lingo made this version. He was on my server and I banned him cause he griefed. Now he hates me. I guess he made up this story as revenge!

    I will work on it

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    I thing I know the tutorial you have watched :D
    I have made the same plugin with other commands ( /armor iron etc.) but you have already made this so I will make another plugin which is more usefuller ... I thing ^^
    For the first plugin it is really well ;D
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    bit of a suggestion, add a config to change durability of armor types, and give an option for infinite.

    That would make this plugin extremely useful imo

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