Inactive [ADMN]McMMOAssign - Allow donors to put skill points on any McMMO skill!

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    BukkitDev Page:

    McMMOAssign was primarily created for AterPVP
    Works great with buycraft!

    I created this plugin because many servers give donators McMMO Levels as a donation benefit.
    This plugin allows server admins to give players "skill points" through commands and players can use the skill points to add levels to any McMMO Skill that they want.

    • /mcma assign [skillname] [points] - Assign skill points to an mcmmo skill(mcmmoassign.assign)
    • /mcma add [player] [points] - Give a player skill points. (mcmmoassign.add)
    • /mcma remove [player] [points] - Remove skill points from a player (mcmmoassign.remove)
    • /mcma info - View your remaining skill points (mcmmoassign.check)
    Download (dropbox)
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    Great plugin, Iwill try on my server !
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    You can already do this with McMMO.
    Using /addlevels or one of the other commands.
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    This plugin is distinctly different. Please read the post before commenting.
    This plugin allows players to CHOOSE which skills to put points on, rather than having an admin do it for them.

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